Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ko Soo Interview with KBS

Q&A clip with Ko Soo which appears in the official website for PSYCHIC.

 Translated by : ELSIE
KS: Hello everyone! I am Ko Soo and I play the part of Gyu-nam in PSYCHIC.

Q: Did you make special preparation for the role of Gyu-nam?

KS: I was mindful of the sensitivity of the child-like Gyu-nam, the ugliness of society and the fact that Gyu-nam is someone who is easily tricked by the people around him.

Q: How was it like co-starring with the foreign actors?

KS: I don’t think it’s easy to become acquainted with a person who speaks a different language and of a different skin colour. But I worked hard at being a true elder brother to them. Abu Dod, who played the part of Bubba, had a crying scene in the latter half of the film. When he said, “It was possible to act the crying scene, thanks to elder brother (Ko Soo)”, I was touched and felt that we could become sincere friends.

Q: The year is coming to an end. What’s your impression of co-starring with the handsome Kang Dong Won?

KS: I think there aren’t a lot of projects with the main leads as male characters. In the past, I have always been romancing the lead actress, winning her love and fighting for her love. But participating in this movie with new characters and new materials is a good experience and will provide pleasant memories for me.

Q: Do you have a few words for the audience?

KS: I think this is a movie which everyone will enjoy seeing while eating popcorn and drinking coke. Please give PSYCHIC your support. Thank you very much!

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