Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ko Soo : “ I’ve read it more than 100 times”

Translated by Wid Kosoo and Puppyiz


"Here, please enjoy a cup of espresso."

That was Ko Soo with his gentle voice. Hand gestures out the window, he looked like a scene in a pictorial.

Actor Ko Soo who was sitting in one of the cafes in SamCheong, first opened the conversation,  "All of a sudden so cold, winter already? I’ve trying to get the fall spirit and suddenly it’s winter.” Then speechless.

I asked, “So I think you like Espresso?”

He said,  " In fact, the only drink in 3 years." (He brought the espresso cup to his mouth) "Oh,  bitter.. hahaha” he laughed.

He looks perfectly handsome with big round eyes. He’s a sweet and sincere youth like Gyunam, his character in movie ‘Psychic’.

“Gyunam is different compared to the repressed feeling of my previous role in ‘White Night’. I’m colorless and have a lot of looks. I gave you a lot of soft, pure role, but this time I want to show you a different look."

"I liked the Directors's scenario, it was funny & witty.  I've read it so much more than 100 times ??"


After ‘Psychic’ now he’s filming “Gojijeon’, but his eyes did not even look tired. After the army he had been reduced his work to the importance, we asked why.

 "My days were good when serving in the military.  Wanting to do the work I want but I was unable to do so, it was tough for me at that time. 'Ah ~ This is what i wanted to do' (stretches his arm) ...the size and the preciousness. I realised now, this is what i want. Only if I had know this earlier before the time of entering." 

As KoSoo would normally enjoy his mountain climbing or private walks with theatre people, company, co-workers and so on.

"Amidst the stillness, the sound of the leaves swaying little by little. The silence is wonderful."

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