Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ko Soo : “I think I can be a passionate youth”

Interview by Osen

Translated by Wid Kosoo
Edited by Puppyiz
‘Youth’ is a word that suits better to this actor. Pure and sincere, but Ko Soo is rising a conspicuous consumption.

In the movie ‘Psychic’, Ko Soo plays as Gyunam. A 100% pure passionate youth without prejudice, greed, and honestly happy with what his live is giving him each day.
Until now, Ko Soo still looks young. Every piece of him looks as pure healthy young man, we asked why.
"I guess I am young (hahaha). I dont know about whether a young man. The image of youth from the conflict of good and evil, and decided to worry, to stand at a crossroads, might be the definition of  young. If you overdo, then it is for adults. You are unable to settle for a place to live as young adults, and I guess I ‘d respect that if you must."

As a fine young man, Ko Soo has an addition name.  The nickname is Ko’Vid’ resembles to the appearance of David's sculpture. Ko Soo seemed bothered when we asked about this.
"To think lightly it is funny. Whether particularly burdening or not. Honestly, I felt embarrased when I first heard of it,  with the name built (given) by fans I accepted with much appreciation. In fact  I was called  'Hey' and also 'dash–dash–dash'. That’s OK whatever you thought of calling me. Perhaps in that sense, after the end of the movie that calling would not seem to be that bad. ”

Ko Soo is also an actor without any number of scandals and rumors. That would be for a thorough self-management. “I don’t like to give any damage to others,” he said, “But I also don’t like my story to others too well. I do not want to create an image as a quiet guy, reluctant to talk together. Maybe I need to acting up a new look if you think that was showing.” : D
Now Ko Soo is in a full swing when shooting a war movie ‘Gijijeon’. "We conducted 20% of the state. Three years as the war was fought we have to capture all four seasons has taken over time. Anger is part of the spirit of war, there are many realistic and touching. With historical research, we lived in those days, thinking that is working. Then I feel about the war with terrible lessening. At the sound of bombs, lying dead or alive, what I really feel if I was there at that times.”
After his military service in 2008, Ko Soo is in succession without any gaps in work activities, and he "still remains a lot of sorting and passion because of it." He said, "I still work to pour a lot of power seems to remain after the long rest. It’s difficult but I’m not tired yet."

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