Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ko Soo : “Gyunam is just like me, I’ll miss him after the shooting”

Interview by AM7
Translated by Wid Ko Soo and Puppyiz

KoSoo (32), actor with a good image that goes well with the character portrayed.


In KoSoo’s interview with AM7,  it said “He is comfortably dressed in natural clothes like for acting”.

Ko Soo played as Gyunam in his latest movie 'Psychic'.
“Gyunam is a remaining humble nature guy, an appreciative friend who lives without great desires. During that time, the heartbreaking love stories of a person living with burden... this time of acting brings new feeling. I liked the fun and witty well-dissolved cinematic works of art. This film unravels the situations which allows the audience to believe, this is where I put my effort,” he said.

Last year came the movie ‘White Night’ which led KoSoo to a rave for his adult acting in the movie as seen.

"In ‘White Night’ I was confined. This time in 'Psychic' it was free. It wasn’t easy wanting to quickly leave the other character, the same goes with Gyunam’s as it was equally difficult," Ko Soo said.

Ever since his return from the military in 2008, KoSoo had continued working in a row.

“Continue representing anything that fulfils my desires (in acting),” he said.

Ko Soo is currently working on a war movie ‘GoJiJeon’.

"There was a time when I felt that I didn’t want to do acting. But now I still want more. 'Psychic' gave me enough of energy supplement to make a movie, so I'm looking forward for more."

"In 'Gojijeon' my role as a officer in the Armed Forces. I am given with lots of bombs burst, so I had to be sure that I'm safe before shooting. Spare lots of body !" he laughed, "Having enthusiasm is good, however filming without incident is best."

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