Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ko Soo : The Counterattacks

Counterattacks of handsome actors who refuse to be merely actors with a handsome face

Won Bin, Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo take control of the screen… 2010 Chungmuro upsets

Kang Dong Won, Ko Soo and Won Bin…

It can be said that 2010 is a year for the rediscovery of handsome actors in the film industry.

The achievement of handsome actors stands out this year and smashes the common believe that good looks and acting ability are disproportionate. On the contrary, these actors have caught the attention of audiences by their outstanding acting ability as well as good looks. This is a phenomenon in the film industry this year.

Are good looks and acting ability in inverse proportion? No!


Ko Soo, who co-starred with Kang Dong Won in this year’s PSYCHIC following last year’s WHITE NIGHT is another ‘handsome actor with great achievement’. Having made popular such names as “Ko-vid” and “Ko Soo Syndrome”, Ko Soo has won absolute support from female fans. His gentle charm in PSYCHIC is a testimony of his natural acting ability.

From Kang Dong Won to Gong Yoo… Battle of the characters they portray


Female fans who were looking forward to an impeccable appearance of Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo were initially disappointed when they saw the curly haired psychic (Kang Dong Won) and a shabbily dressed pawnshop assistant (Ko Soo). However, the two actors’ excellent portrayal of their respective roles quickly won over their fans.

Will handsome actors reign again next year?

Due to their popularity, strong acting ability and bank ability, it is possible for handsome actors to attain success. And this phenomenon will continue for the time being.

Won Bin in : Ahjussi

A production personnel for Won Bin’s movie “Uncle” said, “Expectations from moviegoers are higher now. They do not come to a movie theater for the reason that a handsome actor appears in the movie”. “I think the success of these handsome actors are due to their strong acting ability and the fact that they are excellent actors themselves”, he said.

Tranlated in English By ELSIE via spn

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