Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ko Soo and Double Eyelids

Remove Won Bin’s double eyelids? Complete removal of Ko Soo’s double eyelids? They are still certifiably handsome!

The ‘removal’ of Won Bin’s double eyelids in a photo has recently stirred a buzz. The complete ‘removal’ of the double eyelids of another handsome actor Ko Soo through film processing has proved that he is truly a very handsome man.

For most celebrities, once their double eyelids are ‘removed’, their face changes. However, Won Bin’s good looks are still intact without double eyelids.

In addition to Won Bin, there is yet another actor who looks good without double eyelids. He is the charming actor Ko Soo who has big eyes and attractive double eyelids. Like Won Bin, even when his double eyelids are ‘removed’ (as seen in picture), Ko Soo is still pleasing to the eye. It is painful to ‘remove’ the double eyelids from the original picture. But in its own way, Ko Soo has also displayed a more masculine appeal.

Besides Won Bin and Ko Soo, Jang Dong Gun is expected to be the next actor to have his double eyelids ‘removed’ by film processing. So ‘removal of double eyelids’ seems to be a gauge to determine whether an actor is truly handsome now.

Translated in English by : ELSIE via ens

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