Monday, November 15, 2010

Pure Koo Soo meets ‘homme fatale’ Kang Dong Won ( Inter Part 1)

Ko Soo is a pure actor. He has wide child-like eyes, a shy smile and often feels embarrassed when praised. As required for the photo shoot, Ko Soo looked into the camera with a sincere expression. When the reporter complimented him for his charming pose, his actor-like mask cracked and a shy and embarrassed Ko Soo surfaced.

Pure youth meets the psychic

The writer met Ko Soo late in the evening. The lights were dim in the restaurant and his eyes were red. After the photo shoot, Ko Soo suddenly lay on the table. He apologized that he was tired. After last November’s WHITE NIGHT, drama WISFC, this year’s PSYCHIC and GOJIJEON (the film which started filming recently), fans are able to see Ko Soo often and this is indeed good news. Ko Soo laughted, “I think I’m lucky too”.

“PSYCHIC has a supernatural theme and it is not a film which is difficult to understand. I want to explore the world of supernatural in the context of everyday life with Kang Dong Won and Director Kim”, said Ko Soo.

‘Femme fatale’ Son Ye Jin and ‘homme fatale’ Kang Dong Won

PSYCHIC Director Kim Min Suk has successfully captured the image of Ko Soo from a young boy to a pure youth over the last 13 years of his career. He has chosen Ko Soo for the role of the innocent young man who could resist the powers of Kang Dong Won. Director Kim is happy with his choice of Ko Soo and it’s like he has hit the jackpot 120%.

Director Kim said, “As we live through someone you know nothing about – my Gyu-nam is such an image. Unlike his other friends who are anxious and have an acquisitive mind, Gyu-nam is like a child who is always pleasant and positive. A person like that can overcome all hardships and trials”.

Last year, Ko Soo met “femme fatale” Son Ye Jin in WHITE NIGHT and had to live in darkness. This time, Ko Soo meets “homme fatale” Kang Dong Won, who plays the villainous psychic and he lives in the day like a snow-white piece of paper. People were uncomfortable with his appearance in WHITE NIGHT. Now in PSYCHIC, it’s the opposite of that. It’s another different Ko Soo.

Translated by ELSIE and Caps by Petra  via  ntn seoul

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