Monday, November 15, 2010

Ko Soo: ‘Ko-vid' blunders? I will not do it again (Interview Part 2)

“Ko Soo blunders? I will not do it again in the future” (laughs).

The casting of Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo in PSYCHIC has topped the poll for “The Year’s Most Attractive Casting”. At last month’s Pusan International Film Festival, a female fan was seen tearing a PSYCHIC film poster off the billboard. “Ko Soo?”, the reporter asked calmly. “Because of Kang Dong Won”, was her reply.

I come to see PSYCHIC and Ko-vid, instead of Kang Dong Won

“Kang Dong Won is most suited for the role of the psychic. I am fascinated with his acting. He is an actor who can act like the psychic, thinks like the psychic. We were like brothers during the shoot from beginning to end. We worked well and easily together”, said Ko Soo.

It is most likely that female audiences will come to see Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo in PSYCHIC. Ko Soo hopes that this will give a good box office number for the movie. He flushed when he heard that a female fan had gone to the theatre and asked for “Ko-vid” (instead of Ko Soo or Kang Dong Won) so that she could shake his hand. Ko Soo said, “The nickname of ‘Ko-vid’ is truly embarrassing and a burden”.

‘Ko-vid’ blunders – I will not do it again

In a production video of PSYCHIC, Ko Soo complimented Kang Dong Won for his good looks and said that when compared with Dong Won, he is just ordinary. For this remark, he has joined the ranks of ‘stars who made a blunder’. Ko Soo wanted to apologise and stopped the interview with a mischievous look for the first time, “Though it’s unintentional, to netizens who make sure that I join the ranks of the big stars, I thank you very much. I won’t make such a blunder again. Thank you very much! Will this do?” (laughs). Ko Soo became serious again and said, “I’m just a quiet guy like the number ‘0’”.

When he sees his face in the mirror, is he satisfied with what he sees? “The figure in my work Iife is much better than me in my daily life. I think I look like the number ‘0’ just like it is. I am whatever character and personality depending on the coating and colours that are added to the “0”. What you see is what I am, in addition to the makeup and hairstyle” (laughs).

The interview came to an end and Ko Soo apologised for not responding more actively to the dialogue. When he went out to send the reporter off, he promised to meet again next year when GOJIJEON is released

Translated by ELSIE caps by Petra via seoul.ntn

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