Monday, November 15, 2010

Ko Soo’s visually explosive acting in ‘Psychic’

PSYCHIC has brought in 350,000 viewers in just 3 days. It also holds the top spot in advance ticket reservation and has set an unprecedented record in ticket sales.

Since opening, there has been warm reaction from audiences on Ko Soo’s transformation into Gyu-nam, a role he plays in PSYCHIC. Rave reviews have been pouring in for him.

Its unique and interesting material as well as perfect casting have generated a lot of interest for PSYCHIC. Audiences have applauded Ko Soo’s brilliant acting in changing from a character with a pure smile to one who shows extreme anger towards the psychic played by Kang Don Won.

Throughout the film, he is 100% into the action scenes with abandonment - rolling over, throwing himself into the air etc and being bruised and hurt in the process.

Ko Soo usually gives an impression of a gentleman with classic good looks. However, in PSYCHIC, he tries to hide these qualities by having a nondescript hairstyle and a bruised face.

Audiences are raving about his earnest acting and passionate fighting spirit. “Ko Soo’s passion shines!”, “His fighting spirit explodes on the screen!”, are some of the comments from viewers. There are a lot of good press too.

While ‘Ko-vid’ and ‘Ko Soo disease’ are a tribute to his appearance, his perfect transformation into a passionate youth in PSYCHIC will earn him a similar tribute in acting. 

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