Saturday, November 20, 2010

'Psychic' published novel, as explosive as its movie's popularity

Psychic' movie has received applause when its released Nov. 10, 1 million viewers its first week, and topping the box office.

Then 'Psychic' as a novel there has been a hot love too. Volume edition is published less than a week and now being out of stock, add a rush of orders from bookstores. And the movie has no less popular.

Last Nov. 12, the novel based on 'Psychic' scenario had completed. The October 27 - November 11 two weeks after the sale of the book currently available in 300 bookstores nationwide.

The second edition are getting into print already selling as fast as the full speed. This novel 'Psychic' is showing what we have seen in the movie with the story behind the character, including undisclosed steel.

The hot reaction seems to be gaining. Currently, according to the Internet bookstore 'Interpark' and 'Yes' 24', this novel is in the top sales rankings. And each promotional poster with the two actors face has lost all the time. The novel keeps shipping requests coming in. 'Psychic' explosive popularity in theater and bookstore is likely to reach a climax this week.

Via media rough translation by : Wida

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