Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ko Soo: I want to be a “man next door” type of actor


The Ko Soo I met is still youthful looking with a light smile and big wide eyes which tear easily. He speaks slowly, so a bit of patience is required to hear him talk. He is friendly, calm and pristine as before.

PSYCHIC, a movie with not one, but two top stars, attracted 1,000,000 viewers in the first week of its release. "There were a lot of expectations from the start and it was a burden. However, I was more concerned with acting the part well rather than box-office results. The good box office number in itself is considered good luck," Ko Soo was humble.

Ko Soo says he’s similar to Gyu-nam in character. Gyu-nam is simple and do not have an acquisitive mind. He is always a positive person with an affirmative heart and he doesn’t know the real state of the world. Ko Soo himself has a gentle side. He may be slow in speech but when working, his concentration rate is high.

How did he react to the news that Kang Dong Won was cast as the psychic? “Dong Won fits the role really well. He is singular and also very attractive. The fight scenes were hard and difficult but not much came on the screen. I was a bit disappointed,” said Ko Soo. He joked about being envious of Kang Dong Won who sits easily in front of the monitor while he (Ko Soo) has been injured much during filming.

WHITE NIGHT and WISFC were two projects he did after his military service. These were sad love stories. "Mainly, I did a lot of melodramatic acting. But melodramas are really an honest expression of emotion. I always wanted to do something different. The chance to embark on an image transformation came with PSYCHIC. My next project GOJIJEON is also of different material. In future I want to continue to work on other different materials," said Ko Soo. As an actor, he is worried about being sterotyped. “Now I have tried to do something different," he said.

Travel is his hobby. He likes short and unplanned trips. In particular, he loves domestic travel, “I like to walk around the mountains which are not tourist spots. I really enjoy seeing people walking along the mountains. Reaching the top is not difficult. I like meeting interesting people like the old grandma drying red chillies in the sun and the grandpa threshing grains. This is the true taste of travel. It gives me many ideas to acting. I like the ‘man next door’ feeling. And I like ordinary occupations like school teachers, postmen and street cleaners”.

”Is it a serious fault when words are slow?” asks Ko Soo. “People always seem to be in a hurry and they cannot wait," he laughs.

The ‘ideal type’ question pops out again, “She must be kind and pure. It doesn’t matter if she does not understand the state of the world because love is like adding sugar to coffee to make it complete. And similarly, love is like adding a salty taste when pickling kimchi to make it perfect. Do you think this is slightly boring?”

When asked about his expectation of audience numbers, I got a fascinating answer, “18,000,000 - no! 40,000,000 - no! 100,000,000 people!”

  Translated by ELSIE caps by Petra via

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