Sunday, November 21, 2010

PSYCHIC fans go to see Ko Soo!

PSYCHIC actor Ko Soo had an autograph session for fans on 20th November at Gumi.

A lot of fans who saw Ko Soo in PSYCHIC earlier in the day gathered at the autograph session. For a while, it was difficult for the autograph session to progress as fans were eager to take pictures of Ko Soo. To repay the enthusiasm and interests of fans, Ko Soo took pains to write each and every name (of fans) carefully with his autograph.

It is a well known fact that Ko Soo is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys wearing the outdoor style. He is the current model for Merrell’s outdoor wear and has even worn Merrell shoes in PSYCHIC. His love for the Merrell shoes is thus evident.

A spokesman for Merrell said, “There were a lot of inquiries on the shoes that Ko Soo wore in PSYCHIC. Merrell has therefore decided to hold an autograph session to repay fans for their interest. Customers can expect to see various Merrell marketing efforts in future months”.

Transleted by ELSIE and caps by Petra via hankyung.


I read the comments of Daum fans who went to the autograph session yesterday. Seems it was very chaotic and many people didn’t get their autographs from Ko Soo. There were a lot of young students in the queue. It was very disorderly and the shop window was broken by the crowd. Daum fans wore yellow ribbons on their wrists. Ko Soo noticed the yellow ribbons because he asked a fan who was no. 43 in the queue her nickname in Daum. And the fan told him with an embarrassing laugh. (I think Ko Soo visits Daum regularly and remembers the girls by their nicknames). There was no extension for the autograph session this round maybe because the organisers felt that people were in danger of being injured. After the signing, Ko Soo was whisked away by his minders in the speed of light. There are more pictures in the Baidu link:

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