Monday, November 8, 2010

Psychic Long Trailer

This is Psychic long trailer posted by Hiromi in Facebook. I took them for you, enjoy !

After watching this trailer, I could only sigh, "why I can't watch it in my country, such good film".Even when I only watch this trailer, I glue to my computer screen. What a film, it is not all about Ko Soo now, but the film itself is something a must to watch. Last night I watched Kang Dong Won, "Secret Reunion"; what a good film, it is funny yet it is very touching, and it is a  thriller movie too. I think "Psychic" will be this sort of film. There are action, funny , and touching scene. I hope, one day I can go to the cinema in Jakarta to watch Ko Soo's movie..... and I want refuse to attend the VIP premier like this (LOL) :

Video: credit to samint

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