Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ko Soo: I have developed a great desire for acting now

I do not know much about acting even now, and I did not understand more about acting in the past. Previously, I seemed to be performing vaguely before the camera. I was passive in the past, but I am now pursuing acting more actively. I have developed a great desire for acting now”, says Ko Soo.

In an interview with Yonhap News, Ko Soo indicates a desire for a variety of roles and taking on more work in the future.

PSYCHIC is his third movie after WHITE NIGHT. Including TV dramas, he didn’t really have a lot of work. Immediately after PSYCHIC, he went on to film GOJIJEON with Director Jang Hun. Because he hadn’t worked for a long time after his discharge from the army, he wants to work more now.

Asked what’s his reason for doing PSYCHIC, Ko Soo replied that the plot is neither serious nor scary, but fun. He was initially worried about the confrontational scene between Gyu-nam and the psychic. Gyu-nam works hard at the junkyard while others enjoy life. To him, the only thing precious to him are his friends. He is happy when he can have a drink of beer with his friends everyday.

Ko Soo has acquired a good-guy image along the way. There is a fine line between good and evil in the roles that he played in the past. “But someday, I want to play a villain. I am willing to show a new look”, he said.

On working with Kang Dong Won, Ko Soo said both are not talkative. As Dong Won has more experience in movies than him, he learned a lot from observing Dong Won on the set. “I know more about films now”, said Ko Soo.

While filming PSYCHIC, his right eye suffered significant injury. That has never occurred until now. The scene was shot without wires. Fortunately, his recovery was fast and the scene was re-shot within a week. He laughed, “Gyu-name’s body is tired. There a lot of scenes requiring physical action. Dong Won was enviable of the action scenes but they were difficult to do”.

Ko Soo is now currently shooting GOJIJEON in which he assumes the role of a military officer named Kim Su Hyuk. The accident on the set of GOJIJEON was regrettable. There are a lot of bomb explosions in the movie, so he always makes sure it is safe before shooting. It is good to voice out when it’s not safe but I think it's best that there are no accidents."

via : yonhapnews
Translated by : ELSIE and caps by Petra

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