Saturday, November 27, 2010

I’m a normal guy... It’s just an image

This pure guy is Ko Soo. His face is smaller now, with an innocent smile like a kid.  Controlling my concentration to the interview is hard while its focus on his charm.  Still the pretty face I knew, with a humble personality. He greeted me and laughed when we met.


“ .. When I was young, I knew about acting but I couldn’t say that I’m confidence. Then I was off for few years. One day, I saw the acting of a screen debut actor then I thought, ‘Maybe I would like that challenge’. Now in my head, mind is pumping a little bit to show many things. I think my time has come.”

But still, he is the shy actor Ko Soo with reddish ears when get praised. It’s been years he poured into the entertainment industry since his debut, but public interest and attention is a significant stress to him. He told us that many days were tough.

"Many people get me wrong. I would like to enjoy the attention of people, but my personality can’t. It’s very hard even for the attention of people whom I know for 3-4 years. To accept this situation, it took a long time. I do not even mention that completely eased. But the good thing is I think I had to correct myself and I’m trying hard."

See through the other side of his heart, like the large eyes, sheer sleek nose, slender jaw line. Anywhere with an impeccable appearance and adherence. The handsome actor is getting a turn, I asked why.

“..See more attention focused on appearance and not be able to express fully the characters. To be called ‘The handsome actor’ is pleasure, but I’m only a human.”

"In fact, even now, look well dressed and wearing make-up and hair-do.... so it's not just happened (laughs). From head to toe because the package looks nice, I guess.”

Ko Soo is a little hesitant about the photo shoot, his ludicrous smile seemed to say that. "I do feel my own mediocrity. In every photo shoot, when the results came out I saw them and think, ‘Nice... Nice'  (laughs). "

“For the past 10 years, maybe my acting was unstable, about the character and the look that I want to show you. Leaving the army to concentrate on acting like busy to show up is unprecedented. Now, as a mature performance in a stable situation, the actor will try to reciprocate. Depth through the acting, 'humane learn the words’. For once I'd like to see.”

Rough translation by : Wida via  news2.kukinews

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  1. I like the way he talks , I have never read and enjoyed interviews like I do now, thanks for your sincerity Ko-Soo Ssi!