Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Open the door for her, it’s a basic manner”... KO SOO, The Art of Dating

Article by news nate
Translated by Wid Kosoo

Spring, the season of love. Many couples are starting to date. When it comes to love, a star is no exception. Steps to build the relationship, each has filled with feelings.

Night was about to come when I saw a familiar face from a distance. Beautiful pieces that represent Ko Soo (33) the actor. Wow his nickname ‘Kovid’ is not a lie. Even in a glance he looks beautiful.

Ko Soo was giving a full attention to a woman, his girlfriend Miss Kim (22). Like to say that it was as if you are dating after a breakup.

He was really ‘open to public’ about being a couple. He didn’t care that all eyes on them and paying attention. The couple enjoyed a light stroll and had a conversation. The bold displays of affection but, if you see those eyes were found to be lovers. They’re staring at each other and said, “I do not want to leave you”.

We all know the universal image of Ko Soo. And as seen on TV, he is very sweet. It was a rainy night and he had no umbrella but still he made to say his lover a goodbye. He even did not forget the little tiny detail of attention like closing her car door. It really looked like a scene in a movie.

The careness of Ko Soo was making his girlfriend Kim happy and smiling. She’s focusing on each word that Ko Soo said till the end. Ko Soo’s eyes were looking so happy as well. Seeing the image of these two people, there’s no doubt about the affinity.

Well based on the fashion, to me it seemed as a casual dating. Ko Soo was wearing a black zip-up hoodies and matching pants, plus generously sized cardigan. Ko Soo also wore a trendy hat.

Ms Kim was not too much different. Wearing white blouse, and impressive black pants. Due to the temperature variability, she wore a gray cardigan. It’s definitely not-too-much. Simply enough, but she was so pretty that night. Hmmm she’s a 20s afterall.

Last March Ko Soo and Ms Kim admitted that they ‘re dating. Ko Soo revealed the relationship status via a press release shortly after the rumors about Kim. "Hope that you will help me to develop this into a beautiful love," he said. Couple of lovebirds, and I hope Ko Soo will settle the beautiful love in the future.

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