Tuesday, November 16, 2010

KO Soo Video Greeting and Stage Greeting Pictures

KS: Hello! I play the part of Gyu-nam in PSYCHIC. I am Ko Soo. Happy to see you!

KDW: I am Kang Dong Won and I play the part of Cho-in (psychic). I am glad to see you too. Hello to all students who are preparing for their exams! The university entrance examination will be held soon, isn’t it?

KS: We are supportive of you too. It’s getting cold. Please take good care of yourself. We hope you will get good results. When your exam is over, please give PSYCHIC lots of love and support. Thank you!

KS & KDW: Students who are preparing for their exams, fighting!!

KDW: PSYCHIC fighting!!

KS & KDW: Thank you very much!

Translated by ELSIE posted in youtube by : zoomincafe


I have tried to post another new stage greetings video, unfortunately I can't find the good one, since it's all fan video. So I just share with some of Ko Soo's pictures taken during the event :

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