Monday, March 21, 2011

Ko Soo : Hana Bank CF 2011

By : Nonie

First of all thanks to Wid Ko Soo who diligently translates the article, looks for Ko Soo's latest information and promotes this blog. Our deepest thanks to The Hanain who upload Ko Soo's Hana Bank CF in youtube.

We have uploaded the video in CF section (you can see yourself), so here we've just taken some caps of the CF itself and the making. Perhaps some of you, just like us want some cute poses of him.

The idea of Hana Bank , I think this time is Hana Bank for all ages. I begin with Ko Soo cutest looks ; "The man with Orange"

He looks super duper cute, but he is Ko Soo's expression behind the scene? Let's see :

The first three pictures are Ko Soo's serious looks. It's so Ko Soo, he is full concentrate when it comes to work.

 He started to act again, but upps something falls. Cutely our Ko Soo put it back to the propre place while he licked his lips. Ha..ha..ha, he looks like a little boy catch in action !

 Ok, cue ! Action ! Our Ko Soo started to act again. This time he wides his eyes more than before. Ooh...those beautiful eyes, Droooling !!!

Now, Our Ko Soo next scene : "The Man and His Toys" , have you seen Ko Soo's pout ? Here he is, I've never realized how sexy Ko Soo's lips until I see this scene. Those cute lips, hmmm speechless.

And another scene : "The cute grandpa". If I saw a cute grandpa like this....I will always help him to cross the street. Somehow I wonder, if Ko Soo's getting old,  I think he will always become a cute  grandpa like this.

How is Ko Soo's grandpa behind the scene ? Aww I really want to pinch this grandpa  he...ha..ha

Next scene : "The gentleman and the envelope. This is a dashing Ko Soo, the usual looks of Cha Kang Jin, Playful , yet serious, a young executive with his sweet smile.

But How is he behind the scene ?Here he is enjoy !

Finally just enjoy the whole video ; "The Making of Hana Bank CF 2011" Enjoy !


  1. Toy Boy, err, boy with toys? Oh nooooo, what the **** they did to him? Bring back my old cute Ko Soo please...!


  2. Toy Boy, ha..ha...ha I don't like him either, but the rest he is so cute. I like the Ko Soo granpa ,,,,!!

  3. hehe, Hana Bank CF kali ini kan 'women-only saving account'.. jadi kayaknya konsep yang dipakai tuh alokasi dana standar semua wanita: jajan untuk anak, support bulanan untuk ortu, dana bantuin suami... so, Ko Soo terpaksa berakting jadi semuanya sekaligus : Kid, Grandpa, and hubby....