Saturday, August 7, 2010

Into The White Night

This is Go Soo as  Kim Yo Han in "Into The White Night", I've finally watched the film and not once but thrice. The story is about two teenagers who committed murder. They promised not to see each other until the limitation of the crime (it's 15 years). But time turns these two people into different path of life. The girl is to be married to a millionaire but the boy still traps in the dark world. 

Yo Han committed a lot of crimes to protect the girls he loves. I feel something pinch inside me while I watch this film.Go Soo acts extremely well, just looking into his eyes we feel the agony and deep wound. I love the scene when Jia (Sohn Yeo Jin), grab his hand; ooh it's really heart broken

Go Soo really walks into the dark life of Kim Yo Han, he purposely stayed in the dark for a month before the shooting begins. As a result I saw a new Go Soo that I've never seen before. He is solemn and lonely, yet he is very cold. His eyes only longing for his Jia. I only see Go Soo sweet smile twice in this film and it's only for a second.

Go Soo fills the Yo Han character with an agony love, an unconditional love, he devotes his life for the woman he loves; but what so heart broken at the end, they still cannot be together. Yes, the title is really beautiful " into the white night " which is impossible, all nights are dark....just like Yo Han life... 

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