Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ko Soo and Kang Dong Won Stage Greeting

First of all I post ELSIE's translation from about psychic spectators in Korean cinemas :

SYCHIC starring Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo attracted 250,000 people after 2 days

PSYCHIC attracted 130,000 people on the second day of screening and 110,000 on opening day. The cumulative total was 250,000 after 2 days.

According to official statistics, PSYCHIC attracted 109,540 people on 10th November (opening day) and 130,340 on 11th November. Including the attendance on the VI P premiere, a total of 246,493 was recorded as at 11th November. The figure up to the morning of 12th November was 261,931.

             Video credit to Ananta , Popcorn Forum.

The greeting stage is one of the reasons why Psychic has attracted many viewers. Ko Soo and Kang Dong Won make greetings stage from 10th November until Yesterday 12th November 2010. We don't receive any confirmation about the next stage greeting. 

This stage greeting is very touching yet cute. After Kang Dong Won with his teary eyes gave his greeting, it's Ko Soo turn. He still smile as usual but he can't hide his tears and wipe them with hand and than with his hanky. Ohh Ko Soo it's so adorable but also clumsy, his simple gesture just show us how nice and ...innocent he is. Ha...ha....ha he forgot that he is a public figure. But we love him because of his simple and warm attitude. He doesn't pretend to be tough or looks charismatic, he is just Ko Soo with his shyness that makes him even more adorable.

Psychic with its huge viewers for this past three days, for sure make Ko Soo and Kang Dong Won hard work pay handsomely. It's very touching for Kang Dong Won cause perhaps this is his hits before he goes to army next year. For Ko Soo, after his flop first film : "Some" , "Psychic" really  heals his disappointment. Now his hard work is worthwhile,  he did everything to make this film become a hit, not only that non stop dangerous scenes that he did  them without wire and stuntman. But also the non stop activities after filming. He makes many interviews and photo shoots, he is indeed a super hard working actor. Congratulation Ko Soo Ssie, chukahai....

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