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[PREVIEW] Film “Haunters"

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A scene from film "The Haunters" [Zip Cinema]

Film “Haunters” gets down to business right away. The story does not bother with details like how its nameless, supernatural character (Gang Dong-won) came to possess its power nor does it reveal the limitations or weaknesses his power has. The viewers are just as lost as main hero Kyu-nam who confronts him and tries to work his way to finding the truth behind this mysterious character. In the movie, supernatural power is no longer a mere prop used to highlight superheroes or create a spectacular scene. The true main character of the story is the supernatural power itself.

Although it was his power to control people with his eyes that left the mystery character a “monster” in the first place, it is also the only thing he can depend on. It was this power that helped him survive living with a father that threatened him and a mother who tried to eliminate his power. And the power also allowed him to fight Kyu-nam who is much superior to him in terms of physical strength. Kyu-nam’s life which was pretty ordinary as well until the point all turns upside down due to his supernatural power. Had it not been for the encounter with the mystery guy, he would have just lived peacefully as one of the workers at pawnshop “Utopia.” And the supernatural power that shook up everything of the two men will also leave its impact on the audience who watch the film.

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The chemistry between the two young actors Gang and Ko alone is enough to make this film meaningful -- the unfamiliar, explosive moments created by these actors we thought we had become used to, is enough to enthrall viewers. Ko takes what he is good at, what is expected of him and perfects it in a style that is completely different. Kyu-nam’s optimism despite having no will and no future would not have turned out to be portrayed in a positive light had it not been for the aura Ko holds as both as an actor and as a human being. In contrast, Gang created an image we’ve never seen before nor expected to see. Who would have imagined becoming petrified by the handsome Gang or actually feel afraid of him as if having seen a snake? Gang’s looks that features heavenly body proportions and his handsome face actually succeeded in displaying not beauty but how twisted his character is on the inside, proving his versatility.

Various points in the film prove how the actors, crew and director Kim Min-suk said they thoroughly enjoyed making the film. Director Kim’s passion, so great that he put his might into making the movie about supernatural powers which had enamored him since his childhood, adds life to the movie. One can almost feel the joy the director himself feels from the music that enhances the comic book-like atmosphere and when the supernatural powers flare up between the two guys. So although at moments, the director fails to control the tempo of the story or makes switches which do not work with the overall flow, there is no reason not to welcome the emergence of a new director who pursues beyond the customary good versus evil plot and dried up old humor. The film opens in theaters on November 10.

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  1. I am waiting with impatience for this movie! it's so interesting to watch this two acting together

  2. yeah, me too unfortunately it's almost impossible to watch it in Indonesia. Perhaps, if Psychic really reach the box office, we can watch it here. I really hope