Thursday, October 7, 2010

PSYCHIC Interview on ETN Entertainment Station

Kang Dong-won and Ko Soo are back with PSYCHIC!

Kang Dong-won who has transformed himself into a psychic meets Ko Soo who is more powerful than the psychic. PSYCHIC the movie will open on 11 November 2010. I met the two nice actors at the poster shooting site.


Meet Kang Dong-won, South Korea ’s pretty boy actor and Ko Soo, the charming youthful actor with the sculptured good looks. Two handsome men transformed into psychics. See them heat up the big screen soon!

Ko Soo has transformed himself into a man who is pure, yet grubby. There is no female lead in this film. How do Kang Dong-won and Ko Soo feel about being the 2 male leads in the movie?

Q to Ko Soo: What’s your impression of working with Kang Dong-won?

KS: When I first saw the curly haired Kang Dong-won, he seemed intense and I wondered what kind of role will this handsome pretty-boy actor play.

Q to Kang Dong-won: What kind of character do you play in PSYCHIC?

Just 2 men wearing ordinary T-shirts going down the stairs can make an interesting pictorial book. This is how they meet. Handsome pretty-boy actor Kang Dong-won encounters the charming youth Ko Soo in PSYCHIC, a movie with only 5 actors.

Q to Ko Soo: What is the concept of the poster?

Two men facing each other seriously. Whose expression is more serious? Kang Dong-won is in a confrontational position whereas Ko Soo looks like he’s controlling his laughter. Is Kang Dong-won that funny? In the end Ko Soo laughed and Kang Dong-won burst out laughting too.

When the camera starts rolling again, Kang Dong-won collapses on hearing what Ko Soo said.

Q to Kang Dong-won: How do you like Ko Soo’s acting?

Outdoor shooting continues. A car rushes onto the road. Kang Dong-won dodges it. The car hits hard on impact. Were you hurt by Ko Soo?

To all viewers: PSYCHIC, a movie that will shock Korean audiences, will open on 11th November for the lonely single women. For men who want to see a male movie should also go see PSYCHIC.

English Translation : ELSIE
source : tiba baidu

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