Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ko Soo in Gojijeon

Today I post some facts of Ko Soo that I cap from ELSIE's translation. The fact is around Ko Soo during filming his latest movie : Gojijeon. This film is another hard work for him. Sometime he tries too hard that some fans are getting worried about him. Just like when he was filming Psychic along Kang Dong Won, Ko Soo injured his eyes, the little scar is still vivid even when he attended Sony's function last week. 
Ko Soo somehow likes to take a hard action movie/ drama. He did all the action scene sin "SOME" without stuntman. We understand how he feels, and how he wants to give the best performance for every character he acts. But still he needs to think more about his own safety . We just hope everything going smoothly during the filming of Gojijeon.

Here are some latest update of  Ko Soo and Gojiejon :

Someone wrote a heart warming story about a friend of her brother’s encounter with Ko Soo.  Both her brother and friend are actors.  The friend is a supporting actor in GOJIJEON.  There is a scene in which the friend is to hit Ko Soo in the face (oh no!  Our poor Ko Soo!)  The friend, who is just a small actor, is a bit apprehensive because he has to hit a top star’s cheek.  It would be unbearable.  So he practised hard at the motel where he was staying. However, instead of preparing for self-protection, Ko Soo approached him to discuss how best to do the scene.  Ko Soo told him laughingly to “please hit fast. Please hit hard”.  The friend says that Ko Soo is a humble and well mannered person who is also very enthusiastic about his work.  He could feel that Ko Soo has a kind heart who is considerate about the people around him.  The friend’s prejudice against top stars disappeared after his encounter with Ko Soo.  Appears that during location filming, the stars stay in a hotel while the supporting actors stay at lodgings like a motel.                                                          

On Sunday, 3rd October, singer/actor Kim Tae Woo posted a picture of himself with Ko Soo titled “My nice elder brother Ko Soo” in his Myspace homepage.

He wrote, “My dear brother Ko Soo, we have not met for a long time! And the place which we meet again after a long time is the training camp… I was quite busy, so it wasn’t possible for us to meet. But anyway, good to see you again! The movie which my elder brother Ko Soo stars in will open in November. With much anticipation and love! My elder brother, I will certainly go see the movie. ^^"

The sentences certainly show a deep friendship. Responses from fans who saw the post were, “Both are so cool!”, “Two privileged celebrities with army background are really nice”, “The dignity of the army reservists…” etc.

Stunts men injured during filming of GOJIJEON

While filming an explosion scene for GOJIJEON, two stunts men suffered serious injuries. Both in their 20s, the stunts men were hit by bomb fragments. One suffered serious face injuries while the other was injured in the spleen. Ko Soo, Shin Ha-kyun and the cast and crew who were on the scene at that time witnessed the accident. They were in a state of shock and shooting was suspended.

The production company for GOJIJEON are doing their utmost to compensate the victims. Precautionary measures and safety inspection will be carried out for future filming.

Korean balladeer Kim Tae-woo has posted a photograph of himself and actor Ko Soo on his official Cyworld webpage.

Last week, the 29-year-old singer had uploaded a picture of himself with his arm around Ko Soo taken during their reserve forces training titled "Cool Ko Soo!!"

He wrote a comment below the latest photo saying, "It has been a while since I met Ko Soo!! I can't believe that the place we see each other is the military training camp...It's great to see him here though since we've both been busy."

Kim added that he will be watching Ko’s movie and that other fans should look forward to the film which will open in theaters in November.

Fans who have seen the photo have left responses saying, "Ko Soo in his military uniform looks like a model" and "The both of you look so handsome."

Kim made his debut in 1999 in the now-disbanded boy band group GOD and has pursued a solo career since. He saw a successful year in 2009 with his single "Love Rain."

Ko appeared in the music video "Letter" by singer Position in 1998 and has since starred in numerous dramas and films. His move notable appearances are in drama "Piano" and "Will it Snow for Christmas?" and movies "Some" and "White Night."

He will be starring in the upcoming action thriller tentatively titled "Psychic" with actor Gang Dong-won.

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