Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ko Soo in Sonny's Function

By : Nenden Suherni
Picture : stylezineblog, caps by Puppyiz

How is Ko Soo nowadays ? Does he have time to celebrate his birthday ? The answer it seems" no cause the day on his birthday he attends another function for Sony's camera at The Westin Chosun Hotel  in Seoul.

He is now filming war movie "Gojijeon", that's the reason for his short hair and dark skin. Somehow his looks remind me of his character  in "Marrying a Millionaire", only this time he's not chubby...(LOL)

With long hair like Jae Soo or short hair and chubby like Kim Young Hoon, I just love all about Ko Soo;  at the beginning because of his kind smile, now because of his wise words He seems nice...and even now I still think he is nice. It's so sad that I didn't see his kind smile in "White Night" but I love the solemn Ko Soo too. Ah...I just can't enough of him.

Ahhh, "I don't like" when Ko Soo smiles a bit, cause ....my heart beats so fast....It's dificult even to blink my eyes.....he is just tooo gorgeous.
Ha...ha...ha but Ko Soo just Ko Soo, he is just human after all, who sometimes has this look :

I love Ko Soo candid pictures, it makes him less distance, he is not a star that impossible to reach, as I said he is just human who is for the time being  'working as an actor'. And I love him again for his humble words, "being an actor is nothing but an ordinary job which has different working hours than others job..."

 I end this simple article with Ko Soo kind smile that bright up my days. Zai you Ko Soo sssie !!!

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