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Ko Soo in "Headlines"

For the upcoming "Psychic" releases, the Korean entertainment magazines, newspaper, and website seem full of Ko Soo and Kang Dong Won pictures and articles It is understanding since no matter how good the film is, without good promotion it won't be able to catch the viewer interest. 

I will start with Ko Soo's picture in "ELLE" magazine :

My favorite black and white pictures, Ko Soo has an appealing look with his face looks on the ground, he looks melancholic, his beautiful eyelid, his pointed nose and his sharp jaws captures perfectly in this picture.  I always feel that Ko Soo lips is too thin and not really tempted, but aha....the photographer is really genius, Ko Soo lips looks thicker and sexier here ,like a French guy generally, a kissable lips.. (drooling)

The photographer must know that many female fans fall for Ko Soo because of his beautiful eyes, no matter how Ko Soo does with his eyes, he looks always wonderful even when he close his eyes like this. For some reasons, when Ko Soo closes his eyes, the viewer will automatically studying every draw lines of his face.

Finally we see Ko Soo in open eyes; I love Ko Soo in black and white pictures  because his facial lines look more expressive, especially his eyes.

Ko Soo And Kang Dong Won in MOVIE WEEK, November edition 2010

Another eye catching pictures, Ko Soo looks so dashing, his wonderful eyes even beat Kang Dong Won cute smile. He posed really well, I love him so much in this picture.

Perhaps it's only me who loves so much 'dark picture' like these but as I said previously Ko Soo in BW pictures or 'dark' pictures like these give more than Ko Soo's handsome face. He creates deep imagination with his soulful eyes.

Ko Son in OSEN

There is an interview with osen, it is of course about Ko Soo uncoming film : Psychic. Here, we will see Ko Soo in blue. They aren't the best pictures but Ko Soo posed quite well. His wide smile looks more sincere, not childish smile but more like a tender smile of a mature man.

I don't know that my taste become strange or actually it's true that Ko Soo looks more good looking when he has a solemn look like this.

Although I love also Ko Soo's smile but when poses like this he look just 'normal'. The picture doesn't give so much impression except Ko Soo's nice smile, like the old days.

Ko Soo  "Super natural", In Style magazine November edition 2010

True to the magazine name, it is all about style. We see Ko Soo here with  more 'cute' poses. To be honest I am not a big fan of Ko Soo cute look. He looks more dashing in suit, although these pictures are not bad but the lipstick is too clear. It makes my Ko Soo less manly.

The 'hat' idea is cute , although I love Ko Soo more without anything in his head. I just love Ko Soo plain hair. Until now, I haven't seen any Ko Soo's pictures where he looks 'fit' with the cap.

Among all pictures displayed, this picture above is the best. He looks cute, to my surprise I always complaint about Ko Soo wrinkles in his forehead, but in this picture the wrinkle makes him look cute and young ! (ha..ha.., not all wrinkle make people look old, for sure Ko Soo knows about it, and that's the reason why he is not doing any plastic surgery to get rid of them)

Enough for the pictures, let's now read some of Ko Soo articles that ELSIE translated recently :

Ko Soo's Interview With In Style Magazine, November Edition 2010

It was an afternoon in early autumn. The air was warm yet cool due to a chilly wind that was blowing. The door to the studio was opened by a very cheerful Ko Soo. He had short straight hair, a bright smile and he was clad in a loose gray T-shirt with baggy pants. How could a man with such round “pure” eyes have such a deep gaze? One of the scenes in WHITE NIGHT where Kim Yohan appeared in the rain with a sad, cold expression came to mind. His appearance has obviously undergone a radical change.

Time is impartial to everyone. Being forgotten is one of the greatest fears of an actor. Ko Soo’s acting career discontinued for a while when he was enlisted to the army. That period of time seemed like a long tunnel to him.

“I missed the noise and feeling of people bustling around during filming and I wanted to act even more”. After his stint in the army, he did a stage play immediately. The poster for THE RETURN OF PRESIDENT EOM was stuck in every corner. A lot of people who saw the name “Ko Soo” on the poster asked, “Is that the Ko Soo we know?” There was an uneasiness about the lack of respect for stage actors. “Thinking back now, acting on stage is really powerful because the actor is face to face with the audience”. The new experience on stage once again awaken his passion for acting.

His role in WHITE NIGHT was tough. Unlike his previous work in PIANO, AGE OF INNOCENCE, GREEEN ROSE, WISFC etc, the image was dark, yet with purity. He was worried. “WHITE NIGHT was very sad and painful. But it was necessary to do something new for a change”.

The movie he chose to do after that was PSYCHIC which would be opening in November. He plays Gyu-nam, a pure and cheerful chap in the movie. It is a different genre from his previous work. Gyu-nam has no worries and is a simple man who has a simple dream. One day the psychic appears and takes away important things from around him. The good-natured Gyu-nam reluctantly conflicts with the psychic.

Ko Soo has a soft low voice and he spoke about PSYCHIC on a TV movie news program which airs every Sunday. “There seem to be people who jump to the conclusion that the movie is frightening and serious when they see the movie posters and video. But it is actually a touching movie with wit”.

It can be seen from recent box office success for blockbusters like SWORN BROTHERS, SAW THE DEVIL, THE INVINCIBLE etc that the success of a movie depends largely on powerful actors who can convey the story to the audience. In his usual calm manner, Ko Soo expressed his opinion on the current trend of actors doing different genres, “I tend to think that it’s the actor’s personality and the script in relation to the circumstances and timing rather than the trend. Next year, there might be a lot of movies with actresses as the main characters“.

The teaming of two actors - Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo – have given audiences a sense of anticipation. When asked about sharing the spotlight with Kang, he paused to think of an appropriate answer. He replied that he has great confidence in Kang Dong Won. “I was hooked when I read the script. I decided to do it if the director has a definitive role for me. I thought it was interesting to work with Kang Dong Won who took on the role of the psychic”. “There is no clear answer to acting as it is not like maths. There’s a difference between ‘a role that you can play well’ and ‘a role that you want to play’. Likewise, there is a role that you want to play but you do not have the confidence of playing the roll well. So I just work hard”, said Ko Soo with a laugh.

During the Blue Dragon Film Festival last year, Ko Soo’s protective hand gesture towards Son Ye Jin when Park Jin Young danced around her has caused a stir. For an actor who only does publicity for his movies and keeps his private life private, even such a small gesture has caught the attention of the public. “I am a boring guy. I like to stroll around when I’m not working. And when I’m working, I’ll be either at home or on the film set. Hence, I do not have a love life. Yeah, it’s sad”.

People who have met Ko Soo are surprised as he is very different from what they have expected. He talks more and is rather mischievous. And he is more relaxed and less serious now. He wants to open up and present himself in various forms. However, he is still nervous in front of a camera and has little confidence in performing in a public entertainment show. So regrettably it will be a while yet for Ko Soo to make an appearance on an entertainment program. “I might appear if there is a hidden camera though”, laughs Ko Soo.

“The 20s is for you to get experiences and the 30s is the time for you to expand based on your experiences. Are you not experiencing a lot of trial and error when you were in your 20s?”, Ko Soo summarized the change in his philosophy of life on reaching his 30s in just one sentence. “Let’s live wisely!”, was his cool advice, but he said he is still inadequate. However, to us Ko Soo is already a beautiful young man. The 20s are loaded with diverse experiences that can be childish.

Coincidentally, this interview took place on his 33rd birthday. A sweet beautiful cake prepared once a year for one’s own birthday is a special symbol. The birthday cake that we prepared for him beforehand was small, but the interview we had with him remains a sweet memory. We look forward to the various appearances of Ko Soo in future.

Ko Soo is happy with PSYCHIC because it has a good script and he works with good people. However, he is not happy when people say that Kyu-nam is a comfortable role to play. “I relax a little to show a newer (different) appearance as an actor for the future”. He made a vow which is as refreshing as the winds of Autumn. The 33 year old Ko Soo is like a stone being slowly and delicately polished by sandpaper to make him become a solid actor.

If you were a psychic, what would you do? “I want to become dust and travel around every corner of the world”, replied Ko Soo.

Ko Soo in news.naver

Ko Soo is excited, “The best character in my acting career”

On the merits of doing PSYCHIC… “In my previous movies and dramas, there were a lot of stories about love and about conflicts in relation to love. I was a little tired of it and thought I’d like to do something different”.

Ko Soo couldn’t conceal his excitement and expectation about PSYCHIC, “The script was very interesting. It was something that I had always wanted to do”.

”Kyu-nam is the best character I have played in my acting career. I dedicated 5 months of my life for this person. Nothing else entered my mind during this period. Though the shooting was physically painful, I enjoyed filming the movie. Even if I have to play another character in a different movie when PSYCHIC opens, this character (Gyu-nam) will still be remembered for a long time”.

Pure and innocent, simple and sincere, Ko Soo has appeared in movies of various genres. However, psychological films is an exception. “I can’t bear seeing creepy movies and I don’t like hard-core movies”, said Ko Soo.

PSYCHIC is a story about two persons (Ko Soo and Kang Dong Won). As there is no female lead in the movie, there is therefore no love story. Ko Soo laughed, “Once there have been”. The same goes for marriage. “Some day, but not yet”, says Ko Soo. “It’s not because I just want to work. Well, I’m not a moron who only thinks of work” (laughs).

Picture caps by : soju chick

Ko Soo in newsen :

Ko Soo: Phone numbers of actresses have disappeared from my handphone

In Ko Soo’s upcoming move PSYCHIC, there are two lead actors without a leading actress and, unfortunately, it is likewise in GOJIJEON, a film which he is currently shooting.

He has been one of many actors who has had the good fortune of working with Kim Min Hee (Age of Innocence), Kim Hee Sun (My Fair Lady), Lee Da Hae (Green Rose) as well as Han Ye Seul (WISFC) and Son Ye Jin (White Night). “Looking back, I really did work with some of the most astonishingly beautiful and talented people”, marveled Ko Soo. Since 2003, after gaining fame from a Lee Soo Young music video, he has grown into a pure actor famous for his privacy.

Which actresses’ phone numbers are still in his handphone then? Ko Soo sighed, “After filming, we exchanged phone numbers. But the numbers have changed, so we lost touch. After a point in time, the phone numbers disappeared. It’s really a pity”. However, he managed to pull out the phone number of PD Oh Jong Rok who directed him in PIANO, a TV drama which brought him to prominence.

“PD Oh Jong Rok was like a mentor to me. When I did a stage play after leaving the army, he came to the play and gave me a piece of good advice, “I can understand your nervousness. But this is truly the beginning of your acting career”. Those words warmed my heart and he gave me several tips on acting”, said Ko Soo. He remembers PD Oh as a man who is infinitely gentle with a warm smile. “Though there were occasions when PD Oh shouted and chided on the set of PIANO, but that was because of his passion and love for the drama”, Ko Soo laughed.

Kang Dong Won is a friend whom he could learn from even though he is the “elder brother”. Ko Soo said he could understand Kang Dong Won’s difficulty well as he was in the same situation of being “chased” while working. They did not talk much about military service because Ko Soo did public service.

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