Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ko Soo in "Headlines" still continues

 From , translated in English by ELSIE

A colourless Ko Soo? This time, white!

People have their own individual personalities and unique colours. Actors are no exception. Actors who are capable of making audiences laugh or cry on screen have their own distinctive colours which are remembered by fans for a long time.

Most people are of the opinion that actor Ko Soo is colourless. Ko Soo himself thinks so too. However, the ordinary-looking Ko Soo is able to transform himself into an attractive actor who can emit many different colours, depending on the various characters he plays.

“Honestly, the title of the movie may seem a bit strong and direct, but PSYCHIC is in fact an inspiring movie. It is entertaining, moving and is a movie that anyone can enjoy. It is not a heavy movie as the title suggests”, said Ko Soo.

A sudden scenario comes to mind. What if Kang Dong Won switches role with Ko Soo? After all, as Ko Soo’s name suggests, he is more suited for the psychic role. Ko Soo laughed and answered with shiny eyes, “Even if the part fits and the roles are reversed, it is likely that I would be able to do it”.

“The shooting was great. Though Kang Dong Won is younger than me, he is matured and exudes a solid colour in front of the camera. After filming, we would have a beer and chat. We work well together. Kang Dong Won would have tackled the role of Gyu-nam easily and I could be a good psychic”, laughed Ko Soo.

There are only two months left before the end of 2010. Ko Soo’s greatest wish is to watch the sunrise from a mountain. 

“I’d like to climb a mountain and watch the sunrise from the mountain. I really like the sunrise. Isn’t every ‘beginning’ significant? My dream is to become an actor who can heal and inspire, just like the sun which always shines brightly on this treacherous world”.

From asiatoday, translated by ELSIE

Psychic’ Ko Soo sustains injury, shows fighting spirit by initiating own stunt

Ko Soo’s only desire is to play the character of Gyu-nam to perfection.

Gyu-nam lives a happy life until he sees his loved ones being endangered by the psychic (Kang Don Won). A confrontation is thus inevitable.

The anticipated showdown between Gyu-nam and the psychic goes beyond a typical scene. Ko Soo was present at the subway station where the scene was shot. 100 extras were mobilised to battle Ko Soo. In the scene, Ko Soo had to shake off 100 people single-handedly. A lot of physical strength was needed and it was exhausting.

Though he has a fear of heights, Ko Soo staged a thrilling aerial action scene. He ignored the use of wires and ran between the pillars in quick successive movement. He was injured while filming this scene.

And here's Ko Soo latest MV for Psychic, watching at this MV, I believe Ko Soo will not be "A Sweetheart" Ko Soo anymore. In the future is not only girls who will watch his acting, even men will love his acting. Ko Soo puts himself as 'a tough' actor, with all the 'stunt' himself doing, Ko Soo proves himself more than a manly look. Just put for example, Andy Lau, no matter how good looking he is, men will not really watch Andy's action movie, because he always uses  stuntmen for his action stuff. But look how men will line up to watch Jet Li, or Jacky Chen movies, cause they know both actors do their own stunt. They got injured, but that's the way they get their own trade mark. And it seems that's what will happen with our Ko Soo.

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