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Ko Soo and Kang Dong Won in "MIB"

Ko Soo and Kang Dong Won will act in Korean version "MIB" ( Man in Black) ? Aha...No, but they really wore black suit in "Psychic" press conference last Monday, October 18th 2010.

Here is  scripts  of the entire press conference, as usual translated in English by ELSIE

Kang Dong-won: Ko Soo’s charm lies in his eyes

Movie “Psychic” Production Presentation

“Psychic” is certainly a wrong title for the movie. A film starring Kang Dong-won and Ko Soo should rightly be called “Super Handsome Men”. Though the title is wrong, the casting however cannot be faulted. If Kang Dong-won is a man who is different from other men because of his special powers, then who else can defy him except for the pure Gyu-nam in the form of Ko Soo? Kang Dong-won, the man who can seriously control the world with his eyes and Ko Soo aka don’t-call-me-Kovid-as-it’s-a-burden, who represents Gyu-nam, together with Director Kim Min-suk, are hosting a production presentation for PSYCHIC on 18 October.

Q: You are very lucky to have cast top stars like Kang Dong-won and Ko Soo in your first feature film. Is there a special reason to work with these two actors?

Director Kim: There’s no particular reason. The fact that these two good actors have chosen PSYCHIC is good in itself. Kang Dong-won really does look like he has special powers and Ko Soo in fact looks like Gyu-nam (laughs).

“We have no choice but to be attractive so as to be different from others”

Q: You said you have great interest in supernatural powers even before the film was made?

Director Kim: I have been watching many ESP movies and cartoons since childhood. To be different from others, we have to transcend telepathy powers more attractively. These materials have not been handled much in Korean movies. It will be a burden, but I’d like to do it and chase away whatever doubts there are.

Q: If psychic powers do exist, what would you like to do most?

Director Kim: I want to transform into other objects like a spacecraft or a dove (laughs).

KDW: It depends on what type of psychic powers I have. But not becoming an invisible man like what an earlier article had said (laughs). I don’t want to have the powers of Superman. Just the ability to control a person’s mind will do. I should then be able to look for a place in the universe worth flying to and live there (laughs).

KS: Well… If I have psychic powers, I will stop this right now. I haven’t eaten anything yet, so I’d like to have lunch (the audience burst into laughter).

Q: This is a movie with two top actors. Did you have much inspiration while acting with each other?

KDW: Working with Ko Soo Senior for the first time, I find him to be a very passionate young man, always serious and enthusiastic in his work. All that is inspiring to me.

KS: Originally though, I didn’t get a lot of inspiration from his character. Dong-won was really early in a lot things – fashion and other products…

KDW: I always take it one at a time (laughs).

Q: Both of you are handsome, famous actors. What do you think of each other?

KDW: Even if I don’t say it, it is well understood. When I first met Ko Soo, I thought he is really manly, gentleman-like and handsome. Now I know why he’s called Ko-vid. The most attractive part of him? His ears? Jokes aside, it’s his eyes! (laughs).

KS: I receive a lot of questions like this. What do I think of Dong-won? Hmmm… He looks good of course. He is multi-talented and versatile on stage. He exercises well. Though he appears thin, maybe weak, his right biceps are very sexy (laughs).

“PSYCHIC is a new movie which people can relate to”

Q: Just like the man with the supernatural powers who wants to live a quiet life – how do you two, who are famous actors, live an ordinary life?

KS: When working and not working, I want to be ordinary. While I’m here, I’d like to be ordinary right now (the audience roared with laughter).

KDW: I have never thought of living an ordinary life. Since I like my job, I will have to subject myself to all that (laughs).

Q: The two of you seem to be having fun shooting with a new director.

Director Kim: Yes, every shot was fun actually. The most memorable was the first day of shooting. I was late for one and a half hours as I had overslept. Even the elderly had arrived at the subway and were at a loss. When I arrived on the set, I shouted “Sorry!” and started filming (laughs).

KDW: That was really funny. He is an unusual director as expected. We were waiting. Even though that was the first day of filming, we were like: please come late. We were enjoying it of course. In the absence of the director, we were turning the camera here and there to take in the scene (laughs).

KS: I remember all the scenes and all the situations. It was a young set and we were all of about the same age. Each shot was fun.

Q: We heard that Kang Dong-won had declined going to the army?

KS: I believe that is not so. Dong-won already seems to understand that. My advice to him is that drinking a delicious glass of rice wine before he goes to the army will be good (laughs).

Q: In other words, the audience who come to see PSYCHIC in November will be your last (before military service)?

KDW: PSYCHIC combines thriller-like elements of two top movies and the fresh materials of a new film. It is a movie which people can relate to and it is friendly as well. It is a movie which should be seen in that perspective.

KS: Those who were here early and had gone to the video arcade should come see the movie and those who were there too (audience laughs). It will be more interesting to see the movie and think about why Gyu-nam does not succumb to supernatural powers of the psychic. Thank you for coming soon!

Here's the entire press conference in the video ; enjoy !

Pictures : from various sources, osen, newsen, korea sport etc.

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