Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ko Soo and His Roles

I thought I am the only one who thinks that Ko Soo always acts in similar roles. With his pure nice handsome look, he becomes Jae Soo in "Piano", a super nice young man who sacrifices his own feeling for the sake of his father and family. Ko Soo is Ja Kang Jin, a "mature" teenager who must swallow the bitter of life sooner than young people generally. He is the"father" of his "immature" mother. And now, with Psychic and Gojijeon, will Ko Soo acted in another similar role?

Here's another ELSIE translation from :

Q: You are playing the role of a good, passionate young man again?

KS: The role of a good, passionate young man was not decided by me. It was created by the director. So I did not intentionally seek such a role.

Q: I think It’s because Ko Soo himself is a good, passionate young man. That’s why he has been entrusted the good role. But doesn’t it seem like a similar role each time?

KS: Hmm…There is a game which emulates AVATAR, isn’t there? The role may be similar, but the overall feeling is slightly different. In the broad framework, it may be a similar role but the director creates a different personality as the film progresses.

Q: You were close to the foreign actors, weren’t you?

KS: I had to look into their eyes to understand what they were thinking. This was a challenge. Therefore, when there was no shooting, I made sure that I call them once a day. Though the skin colour may be different, people are fundamentally the same. There was a scene when a foreign actor had to shed tears. He pointed to me and said, “Because elder brother Ko Soo could, it is possible to shed tears”. It was possible to connect with them and I thought that we ought to persevere to the end together.

Q: I understand there were some misunderstanding because of the different ways of portraying your respective roles.

KS: There were some misunderstanding, but I can’t remember exactly. When I got angry, it was because I wanted to do it right. Even when told off, I would certainly make improvements. I think humans are not people who could just meet someone and then end a friendship soon after. We learn new things from the people we meet and likewise, they understand us too.

Q: I heard that you were quite relaxed on the set of GOJIJEON which is your next project. The cinematographer was replaced too.

KS: Jang Hun is a very good director. He works fast. Climbing up the mountain was quick but getting down is little bit tougher.

And here's another ELSIE's translation from sports.khan

Ko Soo: “Gyu-nam” is better than “Ko Soo”

Ko Soo is both a good performer as well as a good person. His acting skill has greatly improved after performing in a stage play and his popularity in WISFC has earned him such affectionate nicknames as “Ko-vid”, “Ko Soo Syndrome” etc. “My acting stands at zero”, he says modestly. He has recently worked with “the very nice Kang Dong Won” in PSYCHIC. As usual, Ko Soo’s replies remain gentle and honest. “I’m ordinary… ”

Q: May I use a tape recorder?

KS: Yes. (He puts the recorder close to his mouth). Today is 25th October 2010. I am Gyu-nam (a character in PSYCHIC). The weather is really good (laughs).

Q: What’s the reason for choosing the role of Gyu-nam in PSYCHIC?

KS: Up till now, films with ESP contents have been mainly ‘borrowed’ from Hollywood . Also, using the big city of South Korea as the backdrop is something new. The characters in the movie are cartoonish and they seem strange in reality. While shooting the movie, we lived in both the real world and the virtual world. Gyu-nam is a pawnshop staff in the movie. He is an ordinary guy and Kang Dong Won who comes in to steal by using supernatural powers finds that his powers have no effect on Gyu-nam. He is an ordinary person. Should it be acceptable that I win even if defeated? Who is Gyu-nam and who is Ko Soo?”

Q: “Gyu-nam” is a nice sounding name.

KS: Yes, I like it too. “Ko Soo” is certainly a burden. Whenever I introduce myself, “I am Ko Soo”, I am seen as arrogant.

Q: When you won the Fantasia award at the PiFan Film Festival, you gave the impression that you were really happy to receive the award. Do you go to film festivals often?

KS: I often go quietly. I am the invisible man, so people cannot find me that easily (laughs).

Q: You are already 33 years old. Have you been pressured into marriage during the festive season?

KS: Fortunately I was working during Chuseok. So I told them, “I have to work, so I cannot go”. As for my ideal type… She must be simple, sensitive and wise. If a woman can drink a cup of coffee at a café at Samcheong-dong, then it is possible. Is there such a woman, haha.

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