Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ko Soo And Ha Ji Won

Although the title is very tempting, Ko Soo and Ha Ji Wan but first of all I want to post Ko Soo latest greeting in He looks so cool with his short hair, somehow his eye brows looks thicker than before, perhaps this is the look that the stylist prepare for his role in Gojiejon.

Translation as usual, by ELSIE and caps by Petra.

Hello, I’m Ko Soo and I take on the role of Gyu-nam in PSYCHIC.

I’m really thankful that you have joined the PSYCHIC café. Please participate actively in the forum and chat about the extraordinary story of our movie.

I will meet you on screen with PSYCHIC on November 11th.

Thank you very much!

At the same time there is a latest news of Ha Ji Won in newsen, she was asked about how she feels with Ko Soo statement that she is his type. Ha Ji Won answered : " I feel good, thank you very much"

I wonder how Ko Soo burst out that Ha Ji Won is his type. First perhaps, in my humble opinion, because he is tired with the same question every time he makes the interview. So he just picked Han Ji Won's name in rumble since he's never even had drink together with her. Or second possibilities because Han Ji Won is really his type (ha..ha..), and I wonder why. 

Ha Ji Won who looks so young at her thirties, is very eloquent girl, acts so well and she is really serious when she's doing her job. Ha Ji Won puts her acting ability on top of her looks. Her charm is her professionalism in her work, the fact that she is beautiful is the bonus. That's why even Jang Geun Seok confessed that he has crushed on her during filming Hwang Jin Yi.

Those are perhaps all the best parts of Ha Ji Won that 'our' Ko Soo likes. He always says that he likes a mature girl, calm , but I am sure he likes someone eloquent too since he has trouble when it comes to talk in public (He said recently that doing film is fun but interview is a little bit hard). People usually like something they don't have in themselves. And it seems that  Ko Soo's lack will be completed by Ha Ji Won. (ha..ha..this is of course fans wild perception)

News travel fast but fans' wild imagination travel further , just like this :


  1. I remember they show him afew actresses (HJW not in the lists)that he had work with but he said my ideal is Ha ji won.He had work in one MV with her which long ago!

  2. Hope to read more news Abt both of them.only the two of them.

  3. Where do I find Ha ji won fans club?? I want to hear any news of her....I never seen her personal but I really like her... What is her new show/ movie??

  4. Ha Ji Won FC you can find it in soompi. Ha Ji Won latest work is an action film : Sector 7

    You can follow also secret garden spoiler thread, we always update the latest news of Ha Ji Won and other GS actor/actress

  5. yes me too i love to see them 2gether rather with hyun bin. I dont cmpletely trust the guy, unlike go soo he's someone who is faithful.