Monday, September 6, 2010

Will It Snow For Christmas (Part 5)

"I am home Mom !, " Cha Kang Jin smiles sweetly to a woman he calls 'Mom' who is actually Ji Wan's mom. This is a part of the story line that keeps me going to watch, because it is far from what I expected. It surprises me to see Kang Jin sacrifices his life for Ji Wan's family when actually, like Ji Wan suggests they can run away. This part makes Kang Jin somehow too 'perfect'  but this is "Lee Kyung Hee" style. Lee wrote many tragic drama  (Love to Kill, Sang Do Let's Go To School, I Am Sorry I Love You) where the lead actor actually can take the easy path but they always choose the extremely difficult path which is too perfect for a normal people. But that's why the character becomes lovable.

"Ji Wan, you really test my patient. What this girl thinks she's doing ? I am in pain just like you. I want to hold you more than you think. But this is not what it's important now. We can't do it now, dear....just can't "

The dream house it's really become a dream now. A short happy time with Ji Wan that he really worried it's only a dream, now it's completely a dream. It's really heart broken to see Kang Jin in tears while he's dreaming, cause he can't complaint in a real life, he tries hard to act natural when inside he is in pain more than Ji Wan's thought.

"Work,both me and Park Tae Jun should work together. So we can face the bigger obstacle together. I always feel awkward before when I faced Tae Jun. It reminds me the days when Ji Wan and him were still together. I feel a strange attachment with him, because no matter what he's a man who was once closer to my Ji Wan" ( I love a lot Ko Soo look when he smiles a little like this).

"Now I really lost my patient Ji Wan. Ok, let's do the way you want, let's confess everything to your Mom. What ever the outcome, let's take risk together..."
This scene make Kang Jin's more human, he keeps silent it doesn't mean he doesn't want to be a normal people who can be together with their lover. He just tries hard to 'pay' what he owns to Ji Wan's family. But he has too much love for Ji Wan, that's why he is able to sacrifice everything.

"Can we hold hand at least ?" A simple gesture when Kan Jin takes Ji Wan's hand, but this is a true confession about his feeling. All the pretensions during the long three years reach it limit, he never wants to let go Ji Wan but yet he feels guilty and in debt to her family.

Kang Jin, when he lost his project to Pak Tae Jun, he seeks comfort from Ji Wan, he can't sleep but he sleeps soundly beside her in the bus. Now, he is heart broken to see his mom again, the first person he wants to see when he is in trouble is Ji Wan. he didn't realize how much he attaches to her until Ji Wan questions him about it. (I love this scene  a lot, this is a silence mutual feeling between Ji Wan and Kang Jin)

"O for Yes and X for No". Ko Soo portrayed Cha Kang Jin's character perfectly, he doesn't say much about his love for Ji Wan but his sacrifice, his silence is enough saying how much he loves her"

Ji Wan  indeed likes to do silly things; she is the opposite side of the serious Cha Kang Jin. Perhaps that's why they complete each other. Ji Wan has a simple thought while Kang Jin with his difficult background never takes everything lightly. (This scene is the second rank of my favorite  scene)

The tender kiss on the forehead, people said that's what every woman dream. I think I should agree with them, Kang Jin kiss in Ji Wan's forehead is the deepest love a man can express for his behalf.

"My mom is my mom no matter what she did. I wish her happiness, that's why I let her go, but I've never thought she will be suffering like today. I love you mom, still...."

(Ko Soo Song in the background)

Hongdo, don't cry       download

Amidst a flower wind of buying and selling love
You try to protect the pure light on your own
Hongdo, don’t cry, you have your oppa
Keep to the path of a wife

Did you see the moon shrouded in clouds?
The world is a cloud, and Hongdo’s the moonlight
For my love, who has faith in the heavens
the wind blows aside the clouds

The scene is very touching I love the background song when Kang Jin sang for his mom.(According to one explanation of the song, Hongdo is a woman who “buys and sells love” — she has sacrificed herself to provide for her family, and laments her poor life. Her brother returns having achieved success and tells her to stop crying now; she can take her life back, marry and be a wife. This is rather touching, since Kang-jin is essentially telling his mother that he’ll provide for her now, that she can seek her own happiness.)

Ko Soo experession in this scene reminds me of his look in "White Night", I am a huge fan of Kim Yo Han, so one word for this scene; Awww...droooling ! (LOL)

"Finally I confessed to her, I do everything because I don't want to lose her. I don't suffer so much because I have her by my side. I can overcome all difficulties as long as I have her beside me"
A sincere confession of Cha Kang Jin brings the two into real separation; Ji Wan's mom wakes up for her long 'sleep' and she is in horror to witness this scene.

This is the saddest part where Kang Jin answers all Ji Wan's questions without words, he just shows Ji Wan his agony by his teary eyes. Ahh ...Ko Soo, I am in tears too.

"So Long and take care....." That the most cliche words when lovers separates, but that's the true meaning of love. Together is not everything, love could means stubbornly wants to be together but love could also means to let go someone for the best. (Actually I hate it but it's true... to my disappointment)

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