Monday, September 6, 2010

Ko Soo in Sonny Alpha Nex (Part 1)

Launching of advertising campaign for the Sony Alpha Nex featuring actor Ko Soo

Sony Korea ’s CEO Yitoki Hiro announces the start of the advertising campaign for Sony’s Alpha Nex camera featuring actor Ko Soo.The new Alpha Nex advertisement which was released on 4th September focuses on the sporty, modern charms of Ko Soo as he goes about capturing for eternity the moments of his daily life with an Alpha Nex camera.

“The Alpha Nex is the most portable camera with interchangeable lens for capturing the moments of your daily life. It’s greatest appeal is that It can be carried like a handphone”, says a Sony spokesman. It also has the latest X-Mohr (Exmor) APS HD CMOS image sensor and high-speed biyonzu (BIONZ) process with interchangeable lens. Sales figures surpassed the 10,000 mark 50 days after its release.It is capable of full HD movie recording and it supports auto focus as well. Its extraordinarily lightweight design is very well received by DSLR users.

Ko Soo, who models for the Alpha Nex has this to say, “The NEX camera which has almost all the functions of the DSLR is a long awaited product for me personally because a camera is a necessity which I always carries with me from high school to university. Being a model for the NEX-5 is a dream come true as it’s a popular product which is not easily obtainable.

Sony Korea holds Alpha Nex photo contest from 6th September

Following the release of Ko Soo’s Sony Alpha Nex advertisement on 4th September, Sony Korea will be holding a photo contest from 6th September.

The contest will run from 6th September to 10th October and contestants are required to submit photographs of their daily lives for competition. The First prize (1 winner) will be a Super Zoom Lens Alpha Nex SEL18200. The 2nd prize (2 winners) is an Alpha Nex Fisheye (Fish-eye) Converter VCL-ECF1. And the 3rd prize (5 winners) is an External Optical viewfinder FDA-SV1.

Sony Korea has appointed Ko Soo as their model for the Alpha Nex camera last August. The ad campaign was launched on 4th September.

Source : net news , translated in English by : ELSIE

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