Saturday, September 4, 2010

Will It Snow For Christmas (Part 3)

"Here I am, I pretend that I didn't hear anything about the death of Ji Wan's brother. I want to be with her, spend every second of my time with her"

"But what is happening with her ? Why she keeps swallow the food and throws it again. What is it again Ji Wan ? Why is there another problem every time we date ?"

"Enough is enough, I can't bear to see you in pain again. Let's say off for today, let's go home, it's late." "We will meet again, we will meet every day to catch up the 8 years we left behind. Let's go home,dear..."

Cha Kang Jin is determinant to treat Ji Wan really well. That day he even bough some flowers for her, and drew a sick love smile in his lips but Ji Wan's boss suddenly rushed out from the restaurant only to tell him she is hospitalized.

"I have no idea that I make you so much pain. You stubbornly stay by my side, when inside you can't bear the guiltiness towards your brother's death. Ji Wan, I want to see you happy and healthy, if being with me make you  suffer so much. I can't do anything but to let you go, I am sorry Ji Wan, I am sorry that I want to be with you badly, I am sorry that the love I have for you, make you  in pain so much. I am sorry.."

ko soo gif

Cha Kang Jin after bravely left Ji Wan, he only works and works, he can't express his love to her, yet he cannot accept anybody's love. But when the sight of her appears before his eyes, he feels like the old wound has been cut again. He can do every thing just to make Ji Wan happy, even to let her become somebody's wife. He will continue to love her silently, he doesn't bother even if he must sacrifice everything, cause nothing compare what Ji Wan's has been through because of her love for him.

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