Saturday, September 4, 2010

Will It Snow For Christmas (Part 4)


"This is a dream, I convinced myself this is only a dream. I scold myself to get up and stop dreaming. I'm scared to sleep, I am scared that everything will be gone the moment I wake up in the morning. But I still feel your warm lips in mind, I still feel that I have you in my arm. Dear, finally I really have you in my arm..." 
This is my favorite scene among all the 16 episodes. Ko Soo wonderful eyes, his unexpected smile, it's really unforgettable. It's impossible to talk about WISFC without this memorable scene.

"I call you this morning to make sure that everything is not a dream and I really want to show you something.  I think this is for the first time I feel that I deserve to be happy, we deserve to be happy, Ji Wan"
I may not be the only one who drools over Ko Soo in this scene. The dialogue at the 'dream house' it's romantic but it isn't cheesy. I smile to myself when I saw Ko Soo smiles like a sick love, he is really wonderful.


"It seems that not every body are happy for me, somehow my mom looks down and start to bugging me if she disagree with the woman I love. I just tease her ; don't be Cha Madame, or else your son will become bachelor for the rest of his life" (Ko Soo's wink is really funny, isn't it?)

But to Cha Kang Jin horror, he witnesses something he never crosses in his mind. Even in his wild dream he never thought his mom will have that kind of relationship with Ji Wan's father.
At the beginning Kang Jin shouts to his mom, he makes sure that she will not go anywhere, not with Ji Wan's father. But later, he cannot bear to see his mom in tears again......

"I always know you have someone you cannot forget, not me , not Bu Shan, not my father not Bu Shan's father. But I've never thought he is Ji Wan's father. Go Cha Madame, don't regret again, just go"
I am in tears again when I watch this scene, Kang Jin really grows up. He experienced himself how it feels to love someone and yet you're unable to be with someone you love,  that's the reason why he lets his mom go. He wants her to be happy and lives without regret.

The essential of love is that you really grow up and wiser than before. Because of love someone can see other in his/her own shoes. Cha Kang Jin experienced a very painful love, he becomes mature because of love, he understand his mom feeling because of love....

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