Saturday, September 4, 2010

Will It Snow For Christmas (Part 2)

Cha Kang Jin basically is a cold guy, he doesn't accept the word 'defeat'. When he found Ji Wan, he thinks of her like something belongs to him. No one can get crossing his way, when Park Tae Jun warns him not to get closer to his fiancee (Ji Wan), he doesn't bother to look at him. "I don't care" He said, what a determinant guy.

"The pendant, how come it is with her especially after she lied it wasn't mine. Ji Wan how come you found it. How come she dived into that cold water? She is really stupid, a silly girl that makes me own her too much. A girl who stupidly  broke into my life. The only girl who makes me fall in love yet she left without words....."

I can't help but cry when I saw this scene, Ko Soo's expression is too much to say. At the beginning he is sound upset, he cannot bear that Ji Wan has lied to him and pretend not to know him. The pendant confirms that she never forgets him, she loves him the way he loves her. But he has also tons of questions why she left out of sudden.

I can't help but recite what Ko Soo's says in Korean, "Just take it slow.....from now I will see you everyday..." He speaks so tender while trying hard not to cry so loud. His voice is trembling, mixing between happiness and touching. His words in Korean sounds really beautiful.....

Firts date...., Ji Wan comes so late  ,"Yes, I went out to buy a blanket so I can't sleep and wait for you here". Ko Soo is pouting like a young boy, ha..ha.ha , this conversation is really funny. But the picture below is even funnier.

Cha Kang Jin is a very serious guy, but when he is with Ji Wan he could be very playful too. I love the way Ko Soo look at her behind the book. He teases her indeed...., and Ko Soo expression tells the viewer how happy Cha Kang Jin is...

Happiness is short, when later Kang Jin found out Ji Wan's brother died when he took his pendant, he has this look. His rough looks is even more painful than his tears. It's so hard that Cha Kang Jin who always look dashing in his sharp suit, in this picture he doesn't even care to shave.

He even feels more heart broken to see Ji Wan at his office's lobby. he doesn't know how to react, he just there standing like a statue. Ko Soo, I am in pain too to see how you look in this scene.

Work is in trouble, so is the woman he loves, Kang Jin calls his mom. I always love the conversation telephonic between Kang Jin and his Mom. They are more like brother and sister than a son and a mother.

He actually decides to return to his home town that night. But when Kang Jin sees the map that Ji Wan's draws in his hand, his determinant starts to shake. If there is something he could sacrifice all, it's Ji Wan. It's painful to see Ji Wan in pain because of him but it's more painful for him not to see her.

To be continued...

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