Thursday, September 2, 2010

Will It Snow For Christmas ? (Part 1)

This is my first time to write about this drama, although this is Ko Soo's big hit. but for some reason when time gets closer to winter little by little, somehow this drama become the memory of winter. Only this time I didn't put the best scene of the drama, instead I write more about Ko Soo and his best look .

This look is one of my favorites , "So what if my mom is a tea room madame ". The mature Cha Kang Jin is the mature Ko Soo.  This is the wise look of mature son who finally respects his mom no matter what  job she does to make a living, cause no matter how bad she is, she is still a responsible mother. At least she never left him no matter what trouble Kang Jin made in his teenage days.

"At the open gate...; Ji Wan's father always opens the gate in his house, in case Ji Wan returns one day, so she knows that this house has always an open door for her".This is the gate of Ja Kang Jin heart, no matter how many women he met, somehow his heart always waits for Ji Wan to return

"I am team manager Cha Kang Jin... Is she still remember me ?" Kang Jin cannot help but ask her if she knows him. "And what the heck,  she didn't recognize me at all. Han Ji Wan , what do you think you're dong. You forget me so easily? "
The agony of a man, who helplessly falls in love with only one woman, the anger's mixed with sorrow, Ko Soo is extremely good with his 'no words' expression. Somehow cold....but there are too much love he wants to say although he ends up saying nothing.

"What's up Bu Shan-a..." Kang Jin was a rebel child, but when he gets mature, he becomes a warm brother and a dutiful son. Life is though but Kan Jin grows up and turns into a righteous person.

"Should I care or just let her be ? did she really love Park Tae Jun ? The way she waist for him outside his door makes me upset to death. Yet, I feel pity at her, and how stupid she could be. how much she loves that man ? Does she completely forget about me ?" (In short, I really love  Ko Soo in his "bed scene" like this)

"What does she do at my door step ? Does she still remember me ? But why does she pretend that she doesn't recognize me ? Han Ji Wan...."
I really love Ko Soo's expression in this scene, full of hope, his heart beat so fast, but yet when he appears in front of his heroine he pretends to be cool.

"What is the reason of your depart ? Why did you leave so selfishly ? You leave  heart broken parents, have you ever thought of them...and me " Finally he burst out of  the question that he's kept for the long  8 years.

"I am happy to meet you again, Han Ji Wan....." " Finally she admitted , you're " my old Han Ji Wan", I've found you finally....I've found you..." (Ko Soo's watering eyes and this sweet smile becomes his trade mark in this drama. It seems all girls fall for this expression)

Finally.........after 8 years....he holds all his longing for her, after all pretensions, he found her, the light of his life finally comes back.....

To be continued


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