Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kang Dong-won vs Ko Soo: The ultimate showdown… ‘Psychic’ posters released

Two movie stars with great acting abilities – Kang Dong-won meets Ko Soo. New upcoming director Kim Min-suk's fresh take on the confrontation between a psychic and a man who resists the psychic has attracted a good deal of attention. A teaser poster for this unusual movie has just been released.

Physic new released poster, Kang Dong Won permed his hair, Ko Soo is cool as usual

Just one day after the release of a movie still depicting the showdown between the two actors, PSYCHIC has zoomed to no. 1 in a popular search portal.

I believe this is a dark comedy drama, hope the chemistry will be great

In the teaser poster, Kang Dong-won who has eyes that could control a person's mind meets the intense gaze of Ko Soo. This heralds the start of an intense confrontation between the two men.

The dark mysterious eyes of Kang Dong-won and the fearless defiant gaze of Ko Soo which are displayed so prominently in the poster have made PSYCHIC even more appealing to audiences. Their confrontation through a series of glares and stares are akin to having come face to face with a monster. What has brought about the conflict? Everyone is curious to know.

Kang Dong-won’s mysterious charm and Ko Soo’s classic good looks and sincere attitude are the perfect choice as the main leads. This perfect casting has attracted a great deal of attention right from the start. The unique setting of a ‘realistic’ psychic meeting a man who does not succumb to his psychic powers is quite unlike a Hollywood Sci-Fi hero.

PSYCHIC is now in post-production. One of the most anticipated films in 2010, PSYCHIC is due for release in November 2010.

Translated by ELSIE from : artnews

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