Monday, September 13, 2010

Some (Movie Recap) Part 1

The film begin with the picture up stair, "I remember this man ". Suh Yu Jin, also known as Hermi (Song Ji Hyo) has moved to a new apartment. That day, she is busy opening her stuff, suddenly the bell rings. She looks into a monitor a rather 'scary' man, she opened the door reluctantly.

"Are you Khan's friend ?" She asks
"Are you, Hermi ?" The guy asks
"Yeah, I just move in. I took this apartment from Khan, I'll meet him later"
The guy gives her an Mp3 and left, "This is important .Make sure, he gets it !"

The scene moves to the high way where detective Kang Sung Joo, also know as Wild man (Ko Soo) runs after a red car. The car speeds so much and he tries to catch up with it.

In the red car, there are three people, one man and two women. The man is Khan's friend, the guy who gave Hermi an MP3. But they look drowsy.

The detective shouts to them to reduce the speed but he drives even faster. The car suddenly loses balance and spins in the air before it falls to the ground, a truck comes with high speed as well and hits the red car.

Detective Kang Sung Joo tried to save the passenger but the the driver died at the spot. He found some drugs in the car, and he took the mobile phone.

The scene moves to a dark alley where a small thug has been captured by  mafia men. They force him to confess where they hide the money from drugs. But the man says he doesn't know anything cause he's just received the orders from Min Jae Min, also known as Khan.

The next scene is in Hermi's room. She's practicing her news; she reads the news in the web ; "3kg of cocaine confiscated from a Busan-based crime syndicate with a street value 0f $10 million.."

Back to the dark alley a man breaths in a relief when the car finally leaves; from the other side Khan comes along. The conversation between them is around the drugs money that disappear without trace. The Busan mafia took Jeo Chan with them until they return the money. Khan believe that they were cheated, since they caught Chan; it's about time they will come for them. He asks his friend to hide and don't call anybody.

Meanwhile Detective Kang Sung Joo checks the mobile phone he's found in the red car. He first called Jae il (Khan)  who directly tells him that Chan is in trouble and he will tries to find the stash but to his surprise the man who talks is not Dark Horseman.

Detective Kang continues to call the other number; this time he calls Jeo Chan. When the telephone rings Jeo Chan is in the car with the Busan's mafia. Detective Kang calls Detective Nuhm at head quarter to check the location of these phone numbers.

Back to Hermi's apartment, she is ready heading to work, on the way to the bus stop she sees a cute cat, she takes her camera and tries to capture it. Unknowing to her the Busan mafia looks at her and they ask Jeo Chan if the woman is really Hermi. Meanwhile, Detective Kang has found the location of the phone numbers. He suspects the car that passed him, it's Busan's car, he asked again to the head quarter to check the car plate number.

Hermi takes the bus but suddenly a car stops the bus and a man with black hat and black cloth hammered the bus door. Right after the door opens the man pulls her from the bus with a knife  in his hand. Hermi tries to run away but she falls to the ground. Hermi screams the moment the man is about to stab her; Detective Kang, who is in the same area, hears the scream. He puts the police sirens and rushes to where the scream comes. All the incidents has been watched  by Khan who parks his car not far from the bus stop.

Detective Kang approaches hermi but she runs as fast as possible and stops the taxi. But Detective stops it and shows his police ID card. Of course Hermi was scared to death since Detective Kang's appearance (messy hair with blood stain in his T-shirt) is more like a thug than a police officer.

The scene changes into a large room which looks like a warehouse. A woman in front of the computer is chatting on the phone.
Woman : "Of course, I made it look like a hacking job. Your face is plastered right up there.But Dark Horseman came up with the original...."

 Suddenly the door thumps from outside. The woman cuts off her conversation and opens the door. It's Khan who comes with his gangs. The woman questions him a lot of questions about Jeo Chan's incident, but Khan comes up with a conclusion that someone who took Dark Horseman'mobile phone is a policeman. And if he looks after Dark Horseman, it means he looks for original photo.

Detective Kang drops Hermi to her office and reminds her to come to the police station since he must know what is in her camera. Hermi gives her mobile phone, but she is surprised to see detective Kang's phone number, somehow it looks familiar to her , then she looks at Detective Kang , calls him and takes his picture.
Hermi ( Suh Yu Jin) : "Have we ever met before ?"
Detective Kang : " Try looking in your diary !" (He means her camera)
But after he left Hermi , he asks himself : "Where did I meet her ?" (ha..ha..ha)

At the police station, detective Kang tries again to call the other number in Dark Horseman mobile phone, but then he finds out that Soo Ki Joon is in his list number. Ki Joon is in the police station now, and he is surprised. Detective Kang tries to persuade him to leak the information about the guy named : Kwon Jeong Min. but it seems he doesn't know anything.

Now Detective Kang enters the interrogation room, the man with a handcuffs in his hand is  Section Chief Oh, who likes a father to him. Chief Oh took the drugs that night, three men in their  motor bikes attacked him and took the drugs.I believe Chief Oh is suspected to cooperate with Kwon Jeong Men, that Detective Kang believes it is a name of three men : Kwon Chul Woo (the man who Khan asked to hide), Jeong Chan (the man who is captured by Busan Mafia) and Min Jae -il (Khan).

Detective Kang tries to interogate again Chief Oh :
Chief Oh : "As long as you believe me, it's alright"
D. Kang : "What alright ! At retirement age, you're doing drugs, alcohol, counseling. If it's that hard for you, drag your family back from America. Want me to do it ?"
But Chief Oh doesn't say anything, he just looks at Detective Kang with sad eyes.

For some reasons Detective Kang thinks that he is the cause of Dark Horseman accident but Detective Nuhm assures him that it is because of overdose. Here comes the boss starts yelling at Detective Kang; he complaints from Kang's hair style, cloth and the way he works.

Now, it is the scene of Hermi in his work. Hermi is radio announcer for the traffic at  Seoul police head quarter. That day she reports the traffic as usual  when suddenly she sees in the CCTV screen in Mapo Bridge a car drops a man in the middle of the street. It's Jeo Chan, he looks drowsy (I believe he is overdose) and falls to the ground.

At the police station Detective Kang and his friends are interviewing Soon Ki Joo, but he confirms that the three guys only received the call that night and did their job according to the instruction.It's bizarre that Busan mafia know what happened. So they decide to release Ki Joo to help them in investigation.

Sun Yu Jin (Hermi) calls Detective Kang about Jeo Chan. Detective Kang rushes to Mapo Bridge, and calls Hermi. Agains Hermi says  while looking at the CCTV screen ; "With that cloth you look really familiar. I am telling you we've met before."

The scene is now in a warehouse when Kwon Chul-woo is interrogated by the Busan mafia. They keep asking him about the stash of the dope. Since Chul Woo keeps answering that he doesn't know anything about it. They give him overdose dope to easily show them where Min Jae Il lives.

At that time detective Kang and his partner finds where Min Jae Il lives, when they are busy searching for the proofs, Chul Woo comes with two Busan mafia. The fight cannot be avoided but the two Busan mafia are escaped. Detective Kang and his partner try to save Chul Woo's life, but he died eventually.

After work Hermi calls Khan to confirm their meeting at  1 PM in COEX. Hermi arrives first but suddenly she sees the 'deja vu' that some men are watching her. She runs and hides immediately, she recognizes that one of them is a man who wants to stab her that day. From a far Khan comes to meet Hermi but the Busan mafia see him and try to capture him but he can escape.

Meanwhile Hermi calls Detective Kang and tells him what happened. She still surprised that those men do anything to get the picture from her camera. Again while Detective Kang speaks to her, she sees another deja vu.

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