Thursday, September 16, 2010

Song Ji Hyo

With Ko Soo in "SOME" (2004)

Song Ji Hyo cooperated with Ko Soo in "SOME" (2004).  When I watched her in "SOME" I keep asking myself, where I have seen her. Of course she is "Min Hyo Rin" in "PRINCESS HOURS". 
Song is not really young, her age is only three years younger than Ko Soo but when I look back at her role in "PRINCESS HOURS" or "SOME" , she looks much younger than her age.


Every time I remember "SOME", I could only upset , why such a good film is flop in the market. But in 2004, Song is only a new comer, but she can balance her acting with Ko Soo. Somehow they look cute when they are bickering. If only Song acted in this film after her "PRINCESS HOURS" , I believe the outcome will be different, at least the burden is lesser for Ko Soo.

I watched Song Ji Hyo again in Jumong (2006) but it isn't a big role. Her big step, and it shock me, is her role in "FROZEN FLOWER"  (2008) along with Joo Jin Moo (Queen of The Game, 100 Pounds Beauty) and Jo In Seong  (Piano, Story In Bali).

In the "FROZEN FLOWER" she acted as a Queen who has to make love with the King Guardian (Jo In Seong) to have the kingdom heir because the King (Jio Jin Moo) is a gay. It's a very controversial film and there are many bed scenes. Song looks much mature in this movie, she transformed herself as a queen and even her voice changed.

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