Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Piano Episode 4 (Recap)

Uhk Gwan, sees his ex-boss in the bus, he runs as fast as possible. But his boss runs after him and finally captured him at Namsang Tower. After he got married, Uhk Gwan wants to live in a correct path, so meeting his ex- mafia boss is something he really wants to avoid. He doesn't want to return to those 'dark' days.

But to his surprise his boss takes him to a bakery, he gives him a bun and asks how him it tastes In simple words, Uhk Gwan is not the only who changes; his boss traded his finger to start a new life. He is now married to his long girl friend and runs his own bakery. For sure as we expected, Uhk Gwan found a job. He works again with his old boss in his new bakery.

He goes home happily to share the good news, but he found nobody at home. Eating the buns he has got from his boss bakery, he sits quietly on the stairs. Suddenly Jae Soo comes in tears, not because he is sad but he is too happy that Mom has delivered the baby girl.

Contrast to Mom, Jae Soo and Uhk Gwan happiness, the two siblings, Kyong Ho and Soo Ah look so down. They are disappointed that their Mom looks so happy with another man beside their deceased father. Kyong Ho even reminds Soo Ah that their father is Lee In Hak; when he walked with him ,everybody will bow to him. Their father received award from Finance department and he shook hands with the president.

The next day, Jae Soo involves again in another fight with Kyong Ho at school. As usual it's always Kyung Ho who starts the fight. Soo Ah rushes out only to say Jae Soo not to touch his 'brother'. Jae  Soo is really sad since usually Soo Ah always nice to him but today she speaks coldly and doesn't even allow him to call her 'Noona' (Big sister).

The other 'boys' who worked with Byun Hak Soo (Uhk Gwan boss), plead to work with him again. They cannot stand to work with Viper who treat them like a vermin. Hak Soo accepts them in condition they must change their way of life. Now the "White Hand Bakery" becomes more popular, many costumers some to buy their steamed black bean buns.

Uhk Gwan rushes home only to take home some of the most marketable buns in the bakery. Mom is very touching, and looks at Ukh Gwan tenderly. Unknowing to them Soo Ah looks at the couple with anger. She is so upset that her mom easily forgets their father.

Soo Ah shows her upset to her mom and runs away from home. It's dark but Soo Ah doesn't return home, everybody looks for him but it's only Jae Soo who finally finds where she hides. I like some words of Jae Soo when he looks for Soo Ah

"Noona, I thought I was going to die, worrying about you. I really thought I was dying. I don't know why I didn't think of this place sooner. Soo Ah Noona, the "I am a Chesnut Tree Too", is it a fake chestnut tree ? It may not be real, but it became a real chestnut tree, because it shouted that it was. I may not be your real brother,but I am still your brother. Just like Kyong -Ho, I am your younger brother. Can't I shout too? If I shout, can I be your brother ?

Mom blamed herself on what happened to Soo Ah, she feels down and guilty. Her happiness somehow makes Soo  Ah and Kyung Ho suffered. Uhk Gwan comes and comforts her, he said that because of her eyes he returns to bring Jae Soo back. Ukh Gwan promise her that he will do his best to become a good father for Soo Ah and Kyung Ho

The story jumps two years later, today Mom (her name is Hae Rim) has a date with Dad, they leave the children in "White Hand Bakery". They eat in the fancy restaurant and ends their date in the small boat. Ukh Gwan gives Hae Rim a ring and confesses his love for her, and they kiss.

But suddenly the motor boat passes and cuts of the rope of the boat. Hae Rim tries to catch the flowers but she falls to the sea, Ukh Gwan jumps to save her.  But thehe moment Uhk Gwan is conscious, he is in the hospital. Frantically he looks for Hae Rim only to see her died in front of his eyes.

Since the death of Hae Rim, Ukh Gwan lives in misery, but suddenly Soo Ah and  Kyung Ho come with the cops to the bakery. The cops bring them to stay with Uhk Gwan because their uncle and aunt sell the house and run away. Since Uhk Gwan is their legal guardian they must stay with him.
It's heart broken to see Soo Ah in this scene, she cries hysterically and blames Ukh Gwan for her mother's death. But patiently  Uhk Gwan begs them to stay with him, at least until they're adult.

The ending of episode 4 jumps eights years later, it shows hows Kyong Ho, with his high school uniform, tries to escape from the bunch of boys who seems want to beat him. He ends up hiding in Soo Ah's office.

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