Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Piano Episode 5 (Recap)

Jae Soo works part time to delivery the news paper before he goes to school. Everyday he will buy two cartons of milk and a journal to Soo Ah House. He doesn't say anything after leaving those stuffs.

In her room Soo Ah is busy to call Kyung Ho's friends, after he hospitalized from the fight, he hasn't come home for two days. In the bakery, Uhk Gwan wears a suit to go to school. Jae Soo as usual is the cleverest student in his class. He sees his father comes to school, and it seems  he knows exactly why his father come. Kyung Ho's fight becomes regular problem for this family.

Uhk Gwan kneels down in front of Kyung Ho's home room teacher. He begs him again and again not to expel his son, suddenly Jae Soo comes between them. He makes his father stand up, he takes the conversation and blames himself not to care about his own brother.
I always love the conversation between Jae Soo and his father :
UG : "I went down on my knees, but he wouldn't bat an eye. But he gave in when the higest ranking student talked to him"
JS : " Nothing's been decided yet. He's just allowing some time before finalizing his decision"
UG : " Are we supposed to grease his palm a little ?"
JS (frowning) : "Dad !"
UG (pulls JS's hand) : "Alright, alright. Let's go"
JS : "Don't go down on your knees so easily "
UG : "You think I can control it ? My knees go down automatically "
JS (shouts) : "Don't ! You're not Romeo under Juliette's balcony.(lol) Don't go down on your knees like that."
UG : "I'd get on my knees in front of that teacher's dog if I had to "
JS : "Don't ! Please don't !"
UG : "That's the only thing I can do !"

JS : "Dad !"
UG : "What?"
JS : "Did you wash your face ?' (ha..ha..ha)
UG : " Is it dirty ?"
JS  : "Wipe the sleep out of your eyes !"

The scene moves to Kyung Ho who confronts Suk Chon in the snooker club. He beats him black and blue. As a result, Suk Chon who is one of Viper 'boys', the news that Kyung Ho beats him arrives in Viper ears. He is so upset, of course, but it's a shock since he knew that Kyung Ho is Ukh Gwan's son. He orders his subordinate to bring Kyung Ho to him.

Jae Soo comes to Soo Ah office along with Joo Hee.  He brings her sister with him to persuade Soo Ah to move with them.

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