Saturday, September 18, 2010

Psychic Promotion in MBC (1)

Yesterday night MBC held the promotion of PSYCHIC. The interview started with the first look of Kang Dong Won. He has permed his hair and look absolutely scary, and bold.

Next is Ko Soo looks, display with his bright smile. From the beginning of the first looks of these actors we can guess this is about the dark and the bright side.

I believe Ko Soo good looking nature will confront Kan Dong Won stubborn character. Somehow it remind me with their first character in the drama. Where Ko Soo acted in "Piano" and Kang Dong Won in "1% of Anything". During interview Ko Soo speaks less than Kang Dong Won.

Ko Soo praised Kang Dong Won that he is very clever and professional. True to Ko Soo words, I watched several Kang Dong Won films, he has a lot of different looks and he chooses many characters. But it seems the director who cast him cannot really get rid his first image in "1% of Anything" where he has that stubborn character, hot tempered but yet he is mischievous and genial. This is what I saw in his previous characters in "Jeon Woo Chi", "M" and "Duelist"

Ko Soo in the other hand, has also similar character to his previous works. Ko Soo has nature good looking, kind look. It's very difficult to get rid of him from this image; look at his eyes in this interview. He has soft tender eyes, it will be very difficult for him to have the mischievous looks of Kang Dong Won and vice verse.  That's why this film will become a great film

It is interesting because this film will express their natural characters. Although it is a dark film but I believe it will become a dark comedy film. I believe this because Kang Dong Won is good at this. 
I am so eager to watch this film, because of Ko Soo and Kang Dong Won, of course but I have feeling this film will be very different.


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