Sunday, September 19, 2010

Phsychic Promotion in MBC (2)

Here's the translation of the interview in English by ELSIE, Caps by Petra

Let’s go take a look at the studio where they are shooting the PSYCHIC poster. There they are - the two handsome actors who are getting acquainted with the setting. Kang Dong-won is in the forefront with eyes closed and there is the carefree Ko Soo. Heard that getting an interview with them will be quite difficult…

KS: Acting is fun, but doing an interview is rather difficult (looking serious).

KDW: The guy who just spoke told me that, “I’m not good with interviews, you better do a good job…” haha.

Q: What was your response?

KDW: I said OK (looking confident).

This is beyond my expectation! So my interview with the two actors has a successful start.

Q: Why is there water everywhere in the studio?

KS: That’s for the shooting of the poster for PSYCHIC.

KDW: We have been shooting the raining scene many times already.

There they are - Kang Dong-won and Ko Soo, the two bright shiny stars. Will they encounter problems during the shoot?

(Just standing there and watch gives us great pleasure…)

For the best visual effects, both actors brave the pouring rain under an umbrella. They look awkward.

Made-up dialogue:

KDW: I hate the rain.

KS: Me too.

Looks like they really detest the rain.

Posted Image :lol:

But the director looks truly satisfied with the take!

KDW: PSYCHIC is a little realistic, a little sci-fi.

Q: Have you thought about possessing supernatural powers?

KDW: For a moment, I’ve thought about it.

Q: Even if it is a momentary thought, what’s the first thing you’ll do if you have supernatural powers? I would want to go to a lady’s bathroom…

KDW: Of course. Being a man, there will be such a thought. But I have not…

Q: What about Ko Soo?

KS: Flying in the sky…

Q: Then you are a flight personnel?

KS: Hmm… Yes, I suppose…

Is this a dream? Looks like I have to do a good job of this interview. Can someone please help me!

Whatever it is, thank you for your answers!

Find that Kang Dong-won is funny.

Q: What’s your criteria for choosing a job?

KDW: The main reason I chose PSYCHIC is because I do not have psychic powers in real life. It’s so cool to do the trick with just a stare.

As he doesn’t have psychic powers, he has to use his eyes to illustrate his psychic powers! But he will have problem if he keeps doing this.

Made-up dialogue:

Pain in the eyes (caused by intense acting with his eyes)

Q: Were you friends before filming the movie?

KDW: No.

Q: What do you think of each other?

Both Ko Soo and Kang Dong-wan are possessive of the mic. If only they will scramble for the mic during this inteview!

Though he is not good with words, Ko Soo tries hard to make up for it with his hilarious body language.

KS: We are like old acquaintances, without uneasiness and we are able to communicate with ease.

Let’s take a look at the more difficult shoot!

Made-up dialogue:

Let’s drop this and run!

Guess what did Ko Soo say?

What? “Underwear”?

On seeing such an honest exchange from Ko Soo, Kang Dong-won had an NG.

Take 2

Let’s see what he says again? Huh? “Underwear” again.

Posted Image

Kang Dong-won couldn’t control his laughter any longer. He finally ran away

Made-up dialogue:

KS: I’m going crazy…

Q: Ko Soo, I think you are aware that Kang Dong-won once said something very famous: “I look really ugly in the monitor”.

KDW: Once in a while, there are times that I feel I’m OK.

KS: Be honest – do you like to look at yourself in the mirror?

KDW: Haha… Looking at the mirror and looking at the monitor are not the same.

KS: Looks like you didn’t find anything lacking in yourself!

Q: Does the two of you have plans to marry? You are both of marriageable age already.

KDW: What? I’m still young. In the past, I use to think that I’m not able to get married. Now, I just want to do a good job. Never thought of getting married!

Q: What sort of girl would you like to date?

Kang Dong-won has no interest in this question.

KS: I think PSYCHIC will be a successful Korean sci-fi movie.

KDW: It will be an interesting film!

Please give PSYCHIC lots of love and support! We are also looking forward to it!

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