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Kim Ha Neul

Kim Ha Neul and Ko Soo in "Piano"

Kim Ha Neul acted along Ko Soo in "Piano", they acted as step brother and sister. They love each other but since they are family, they can't be together.



Kim Han Neul was born on  February 21st 1978.  She was born in the same year as Ko Soo, beside her cooperation in 'Piano', she also worked with him as models for Juliet Gold (2001). Here are some BTS during the photo shoot.
 Julliet BTS (1)
 Julliet BTS (2)

I watched several of Kim Ha Neul work, Stained Glasses along with Lee Dong Gun; in this film she acted as a strong girl who is loved by two best friends. Unfortunately she is failed to act as a strong girl, she is too weak to be the one. Her character in Piano as Soo Ah was more suitable for her.

Stain Glasses along with Lee Dong Gun
Kim Ha neul in "On Air"
In 2008, she acted in "On Air" in which she got top excellent award . In 2004 she acted along Kang Dong Won (Ko Soo co- star in Psychic) in "Too Beautiful Too Lie" in which she got 'best actress award". I watched this movie, and I should say she acted extremely well. The film itself is very funny,. Han Neul took a role as an ex -convict who has talent to lie.

"Too beautiful too lie" along Kang Dong Won
How about the chemistry between her and Ko Soo ? She is my second rank. They act fair together in "Piano" but Kim Han Neul best chemistry in Kwon Sang Woo. They collaborated twice ; first in "My Tutor Friend" (2003) and "Almost Love" ( 2006). The movies didn't get award but the first one become one of the most classic Korean Movie. If you are K-Movie addict, "My Tutor Friend" should be in your list ' must see' movie.

"My Tutor Friend" along Kwon Sang Woo
"Almost Love" again along Kwon Sang Woo

Kim Ha Neul public appereance

Kim Ha Neul is one of the best Korean actress. The best part of her that I love so much; she can 'manipulate' her looks really well to be fit in a role she acts. Ha Neul in a real life is a sophisticated girl, she's really beautiful but somehow she can be like 'a country' chick just like what Kwon Sag Wo said in "My Tutor Friend", and I agree with him.

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