Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Green Rose (Part One)

Recently I was busy, ...busy watching Ko Soo's drama : Green Rose. I spent a lot of time to download the drama from the internet to find good subtitle. And here I am proudly present my work (ha..ha...ha).
I start with Ko Soo first look as Fugitive Lee Jung Hyun when he's fallen to Han river. I have so much pain when I saw Ko Soo in this scene; It must be hard also for him to act in this film. Cause even it is only act, he should go trough Lee Jung Hyun character and his difficulties.

Even with his fugitive looks, Ko Soo is still really good looking
People who has so much through usually has a bitter heart, but not Lee Jung Hyun
The other part for Oh Soo Ah (Lee Dae Hee) losing her beloved and her father comatose makes life more devastated. She has no reason to live, I will have that kind of thought if suddenly life change into hell like this.

But for Lee Jung Hyun is the opposite, he has full spirit of life because he knows the reason that he still alive, it's because of his mother sacrifice. She kills herself to make her son able to leave to prison. Jung Hyun has too much reason to live, Soo Ah and his mother; he needs to clear himself innocent so his mother sacrifice is not a waste.

I am so touched with this scene, when Jung Hyun sees So Ah from a far, the pain of the most painful thing is when you can't reach someone you love although she/he is so close ...

He is ....I love his simple look like this...

Life is about your determination, people said : "Dream come true!" , it's applied for Jung Hyun life. Perhaps in life, we need to collect ourselves to be able to reach what we really dream. Somehow this drama encourage me to go on living and hope. You are alone, but actually you are not, you live for one reason. That's what we should find out...

"I am Jang Joon Won...", to lie to someone you love, to ignore someone you love, to pretend become the other person before someone you love, that's the hardest thing in life. I love this drama because both Jung Hyun and So Ah ,they restraint each other. That's why it's heart broken.

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