Monday, October 4, 2010

Ko Soo turns 32, Happy Birthday .....!!

When the "Piano" clinked, Ko Soo was Jae Soo. He brought  the tears of a young man who gave up love for the sake of family. His tears and agony has captured our mind. His kind smile becomes something that comfort our heart...

funny wink

Ko Soo the old days, is a shy young man, a little nervous during interview and answered very little the question with his hand frequently covered his mouth. In this gif he was cute with his big round eyes  and his mischievous looks, something new we has discovered.  Sometimes he could laugh freely like this :


Ko Soo nowadays is a mature man, he is 32 years old today. He is not the young Ko Soo who answered the interview shyly. He is now more eloquent, and the nervousness has gone from his face. He is a man who sure of his work. He is not a confused young man anymore, who doesn't know what to do with his stardom. Age for sure makes him become a better  person.

And that's why we love him, Ko Soo is an actor with concept. He has a deep thought of life and acting, and he never stops to learn. Because as he said there is no such wise man, cause if it is nobody will have trouble in life. We really love his words, human is nothing but an eternal apprentice. That's why there is nobody who is expert in life.

Happy birthday Ko Soo ssie, thank you for your hard working to delivery every character in the scene. Cause with your tears we remind to be patient, with your laugh we know that life is not always so hard.

We hope you will always be healthy to delivery again to us another new character. May God is always by your side, gives you strength to go on living.  Again...Happy Birthday Ko Soo ssie ..!


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    wish you all happiness in life and love.
    xoxo : Wid Kosoo