Monday, August 30, 2010

Lee Dae Hee

Lee Dae was born on 19th April 1984, she collaborated with Ko Soo in Green Rose. They look good together, the chemistry between them is good too. I love 'Lee Dae Hee' in Green Rose and My Girl.
In my girl, she acted along Lee Dong Wook. Until now, perhaps Lee Dong Wook is her best chemistry in the screen. I have so much fun every time I watch My Girl.

But after 'My Girl' and 'Green Rose' , I lost my interest to watch her drama. Especially after 'Hello Miss' and 'East of Eden' ; in 'Hello Miss', I found the repetition expression like in 'My Girl'. I bought this drama 2 years ago, until now I haven't finished to  watch it. 
In East of Eden, Lee Dae Hee, experienced to be so called 'an annoying character'. Every time her character appears, I can't help but being upset, I am not the only I think. Many viewer has the same opinion like me about Lee Dae hee's character. We should blame to the script writer, who puts her character into 'nowhere'. And perhaps that's the reason why Lee's acting also become so annoying, repetitive and boring. Finally Lee makes something she shouldn't do ; she walked of from "East of Eden". Some blame to the writer, some thinks Lee Dae Hee is irresponsible. 

The rest of the drama like "Chuno" (2010), I don't even bother to watch it. Some viewer even criticized her looks too beautiful. She's a slave in this drama, but her make up make her like a 'super queen' slave.


The rumors about Lee cracked up again when  her early looks before  she entered the entertainment industry appears in public

She's not ugly in this picture, but for sure she made some works with her eyes. Another rumors of plastic surgery, it seems nobody satisfiy with their looks, include Lee, I believe.

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