Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won is only one year younger than Ko Soo, she didn't act together with him in the film but they had worked together in MV. The title is "Tears", it's a song released in 2001, and based on a true story about plane crash on 12th August 1985. Kim Tae Won is a Korean student who studies in Japan, he drops his girl friend to the airport. She takes a flight to Osaka, but few minutes after the plane take off, it crushes to the ground. There are 524 victims, include the crews, only 4 people survived.

I suddenly put the name of Ha Ji Won since in MBC latest interview, Ko Soo mentioned her name as his ideal type. So Let's see why Ko Soo praises so much about Han Ji Won.

This is Ha Ji Won in Hwang Jin Hyi, along with her acted the 'Korean Sweet Heart' Jang Geun Seok. It seems Ko Soo is not the only one who likes Ha Ji Won, Jang Geun Seok admitted that he has crushes on her during filming Hwang Jin Hyi, and like Ko Soo, he praised so much about Ha as a good actress.
Watching Ha in many roles, I personality say, Ha is an actress who understand very well that looks only a small contribution for popularity, viewer no matter what they need an actress who really knows how to act. Ha Ji Won is one of them.

This is Ha Ji Won along  with ''My" Lee Seo Jin in "Damo", one of the most memorable drama. I cried together with her when I watched this drama. She acted extremely well. Her martial art also is good, and she acted again in another action movie where she shows her martial art ability in "Duelist" along Kan Dong Won.

From "Daddy Long Leg", "Love is so Divine" until the most heart broken drama "Lovers in Bali", I just realize that after more than 10 years of her carriers, from a high school student in "100 days with Mr.Arrogant"(2004)  until her latest film " Closer to Heaven"(2009), her looks doesn't change a lot. How lucky she is...

Some of Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won pose , credit to  Hiromi Kz

And here are some of my imagination pictures of Ko Soo and Ha Ji Won

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