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MBC Interview With Ko Soo on 27th August 2010

Handsome pretty boy Ko Soo is living a happy and comfortable life of a master. Let’s go see…

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What is the world like through the gentle eyes of handsome Ko Soo? Let’s go to the film location and check it out!

Location: Gyeonggi-do Taebudo

Why are we here? Because of Ko Soo of course!

KS: Hello!

Q: Why are you here?

KS: To film an ad.

PD: You look relaxed.

KS: Haha… Really?

Coming here personally to walk around the streets, enjoying and snapping pictures of the scenery… Ko Soo feels good being a photographer!

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 Q: What is more comfortable – taking photographs or being photographed?

KS: Compared with being photographed, I much prefer to take photographs.

PD: Really? Let’s see if it’s true then.

KS: Oh? Haha (panicky).

Ko Soo, when taking photographs with his camera, looks just like he is in a movie.

(The camera panned on a straw hat worn by a female assistant)

PD: Feels like I’m in a padi field.

KS: Almost like a scarecrow.

(Cartoon of Ko Soo as a scarecrow)

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Q: What’s your high-temperature endurance limit?

KS: 40 degrees below zero.

(Lyrics of song: Drank a cup of rice wine, got drunk…)

KS: No. It’s wrong (bashful).

Shooting started again at sunset on another section of the beach.

Handling the camera like a pro, Ko Soo’s charms are unmatched!

PD: Do you still go to the gym?

KS: No. Why ask me this? Why do this to me? (panicky). Oh that! (muscular abs). That was last year. I’m still good now.

Photographer Ko Soo who never misses a good shot, please take a photo of me!

Today, there’s a great model and a good photographer. There are great pictures with various pose – cute, naughty. But Mr Ko Soo, what kind of picture is this? (model with yellow eyes).

Q: The original pretty boy of the Republic of Korea – Mr Ko Soo, hello!

KS: Hello!

Q: What do you think of the title “Original Pretty Boy”?

KS: I don’t know what to say!

Q: Then relax, look at the camera and smile.

[Fatal charm of the owner of that smile!]

Q: Oh God! I’m a man like him and yet I’m drawn to him like a magnet.

KS: I’m filming PSYCHIC now. In the film, I am an ordinary man with super natural powers like Kang Dong-won.

Q: You have worked with Kim Ha Neul, Kim Hee Sun, Kim Hyun Joo, Son Ye Jin and Han Ye Seul. Is anyone of them your ideal woman?

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KS: None of them you mentioned. My ideal type is someone like Ha Jin Won. Pretty as well as good in acting. We are good friends.

Q: Is it that kind of relationship where you would go for a drink with Ha Ji Won in private?

KS: No!

[Recently, Ko Soo’s previous photographs surfaced and it became a topic of interest].

Q: Who is this? Do you know him?

KS: Oh no! What’s this?

Q: How do you feel about this hairstyle?

KS: Very… Very offbeat!

Q: Many female artistes (like Soo-young, Son Dam Bi, Park Mi Sun) have said you are their ideal man. Choose one among these people and take aim with your cupid’s arrow!

KS: It’s just an imagination, right? Then I’ll go on a date with each of them.

Q: Truly, a master is a master!

KS: Hate it!

Q: Who would you like to have a drink with? Ha Ji Won, Shin Min Ah or Soo Ae?

KS: Can it be with all of them?

KS: Viewers and friends of Section TV, I am Ko Soo. It’s a beautiful sunset – I wish you all good health and please give me your support! Thank you very much!

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Above is my date with the charming Ko Soo!

English Translation by : ELSIE

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