Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ko Soo Interview With Bazaar

Ko Soo - Popular actor who contemplates the future of the Korean movie industry seriously user

Borned in 1978 and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Film-making from Sangmyung University , Ko Soo made his film debut in 1998. He won an MBC Newcomer Award in 2001 for “Mother and Sister” and made his first appearance on the big screen with “Some” in 2004.

His latest project is “Psychic”, a film which he stars with Kang Dong-won and directed by Kim Min-seok. The film is Director Kim’s first full length picture and filming has started in May this year. Ko Soo has finally departed from his dark and depressing role in “White Night” and returned to his bright and cheerful self once more.  

Ko Soo is seriously concerned about the future of film-making. “I was watching television the other day and there was this old Korean classic movie. It was awesome. Even though it was an old movie, the contents and structure of the story were not inferior to any of the recent films at all. It is regrettable that we can only watch such old classic movies on television. I heard that the Korean Cinematheque aims to restore old movies. I want to make it happen no matter what!”.

Ko Soo plays a leading role in TV drama “Will It Snow for Christmas”. “As I portray a brilliant architect in the drama, I took up lessons in architectural drawing to perfect my role. Apart from that, the character’s work attitude is also similar to mine”. The role he plays seems to be a man who is Ko Soo himself.

“Will It Snow For Christmas”

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English translation by ELSIE
Caps By : Petra

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