Sunday, August 29, 2010

From Psychic to Gojijeon

From PSYCHIC to GOJIJEON – no rest day for Ko Soo due to tight filming schedule

Ko Soo is in the final stages of PSYCHIC filming and immediately after that, he goes into principal shooting for GOJIJEON.

This is the situation according to a source from Ko Soo’s management company, “PSYCHIC is now at its last stage of filming and when it’s finished, he will rush straight into shooting for GOJIJEON from September. So there’s no rest for Ko Soo. Not even for a single day”. 
Ko Soo is now filming PSYCHIC with Kang Dong-won. The movie is an action thriller about Kang who lives an ordinary live until he meets Gyu-nam who is not affected by his psychic powers. Strange happenings occur and there is a fierce confrontation between the two men.
Upon completion of PSYCHIC, Ko Soo will embark upon GOJIJEON immediately. The movie is about the recapture of the highlands during the Korean war. It will be directed by acclaimed director Jang Hun of “Sworn Brothers” fame and written by Park Sang-yeon of “Queen Seon Deok”. The movie also stars Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Ok-bin and Ko Chang-seok.

English translation by : ELSIE
Caps by : Ko Soo Paew's site

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